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Wednesday 17 August 2022


Hexagons are now a lovely piece of fabric, long enough to wrap around my sewing machine, I love the pale lilac trim, chosen to add impact. I was happy to finish this, it did get rather big, I left the paper inserts in until I was ready to make up the cover.
The robin fabric is the lining, I thought it would be a bit of fun, rather than just a plain fabric. I have used a mid range interfacing, iron onto the back of the hexagons, I did not want to over stitch them. The interfacing has given the fabric strength, any quilters out there reading this, please forgive me. 
 I stitched the trim to both layers at the bottom, which helped keep the cover in shape, I then shaped the top curves on the covers to the hard case. This caused issues and took away some of the clean lines, I knew this would happen but did not realise how much smaller the top of the case was to the bottom. I trimmed the top and stitched the lilac band.
Not perfect but the cover is finished, it could look better, I'm happy, it's as I imagined, I'm pleased to have finally use some of my stash. The important part is the top flap, which just tucks inside the case, this will protect the machine. I often have something sat on top of my machine. For years I have draped a cotton tea towel over my machine.
I used polycotton as well as 100% cotton, this caused issues in the finished piece, they are different in the fabric weight, which was a mistake, it was not noticeable until I remove the paper inserts, so the interfacing was the solution. I have sort all the polycotton hexagons and I'm going to pass them on, cotton is far superior. There is alot of stitching in that bag.

I started this, sewing the hexagons together in June 2016, you can see how many I made here, my hexagon journey started in February 2016, at the time I was doing simple patchwork. I have a label 'hexagons' in my side bar if you want to read more, but understand I am not an expert, this was just my journey. It was done when I felt like hand sewing, and in between my gardening and other crafts. I still have loads of stitched hexagons, I will have a think and decide on another project, not as big as the cover, stitching them together in smaller amounts was very restful.

I will ask at the local junior school if they can use my unwanted ones , I remember youngest daughter making me a cushion cover using bigger hexagons, when she was at school, she still has the cushion. 

I  want to start putting together my last big cross stich project, I loved the last mashed up design, I am going to use the whole of the canvas and make a bigger design, it can still be made into a cushion, and replace the one in my bedroom. My sister would love the cushion, she commented all through my stitching how she loved it. 


  1. I am full of admiration! I think English paper piecing is gorgeous.

  2. Your sewing machine cover is beautiful. Well done.

  3. That's so cute, the robin lining as a little hidden treat is a lovely idea. I've just started my hexie journey and it's right up my street.

  4. I love making hexies and my first make was a cot quilt for my 47 year old daughter all sewn by hand. It was later cut into dolly quilts for her toy pram and twin bunk beds. I have a huge box of hexies just waiting to made into something as beautiful and useful as your cove. Great job! Catriona



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