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Thursday 27 May 2021


Here it is done
I'm really pleased with my final corner, I'm glad I added the diagonal section, it does represent a designer I have used many times, it did get harder to choose designs as the plain space became smaller, but it is how I thought it should be, even if I had not decided beforehand on the finished piece. 
Just a short video if you wanted a closer look. 
These are all the silks (floss), I always keep them in a project bag and try and use colours more than once, I feel it helps hold the work together, now I will pop them back in their drawers until they are required again. 
These are a few of the designs I have used in this project, each one I have stitched in full before, 2,  I still have and will be made into cushions to go on our bed with this bigger project, the others have been gifted, I don't keep many of my completed work, the joy is always in the stitching. 
Now I need to make 3 cushions, 2 normal size and this one larger, they will sit on our bed, I always air the bed each morning and about 10ish I make it and add cushions and a throw. I do have materials in my stash and hope I can find enough to make the cushions without having to purchase anything, I will have a layer of white cotton behind my stitching to hold it tight. 

I have really enjoyed this project, it was timed right, allowing me to have a purpose throughout the long hours of lockdown. I just can't sit and do nothing, and I rarely have daytime TV on.

I had a plan for a small project with limited colours, I have searched for an image, but sadly I've not found one, so I'm thinking time to knit a pair of socks. 


  1. It's lovely and it hasn't taken you long to complete it at all, you must have smoke coming off your needle, haha.

  2. So beautiful! I am in awe of your embroidery skills. That is really fine work. keep well Amanda x

  3. That looks so lovely.
    Very well done.

    Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

    All the best Jan

  4. That is just stunning! It's so intricate and it's lovely to see the originals and pick out how you put it together. You are very talented.

  5. Your finished sampler is beautiful. I'm like you, I need to have a sewing project on the go, especially during lockdown, otherwise I feel quite idle whilst watching TV.



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