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Wednesday 10 August 2022

A stitch here and there

I have enjoyed this week so far, my sewing machine is out, first job I wanted to do was sort the waist bands of 2 pairs of summer trousers, they we uncomfortable, so I cut out the back belt bands and replaced them with elastic. It has worked well, far easier to wear, I have not changed the size, just changed a hard band with a stretchy one.

Daughter choose all these fabrics for dresses for Molly, I've cut the out in the same dress design, I aim to add to them, pockets and binding, all to help lift colours, Molly looks really good in yellow. It is fun to have fabric designs, I would not normally choose myself.

I have also been hand stitching my hexagons, I've now done the size and shape I require, I have really enjoyed the hand stitching, I still have loads left, at some point I will have to decide on another project. All I now need to do is attach the front to the lining on my sewing machine cover, use binding for neat edgings, and it will be finished.

This book was a bit of a disappointment, I did finish it, but the story was not that interesting, I find some of this authors books are good others are sadly not very entertaining. Book 69 read this year.

Daughter came on Monday, with Will and Molly who is full of cold, we went out to lunch, both children were well behaved, and enjoyed their lunch. Will was treated to a toy and Molly got loads of fabric for new dresses. George was in nursery. Daughter found her new bathroom flooring in our local shop, who also does fittings in her area. Rest of the day was sewing and later watering the garden.

Tuesday we met for sign class, we spent the time chatting, I have been given loads of books, which I will read and pass on. Later I popped to daughters house and sat with children for an hour, loads of cuddles and laughter, I am enjoying seeing more of Will, whilst school is on it's summer break. I read all evening, very peaceful after a busy day. 

Today is a day at home, later this morning a lady is coming to collect a paella pan, she asked on our local Facebook page and I was able to pass ours on, I have used it once, but it did not work well on our cooker top. I plan to do more sewing, firstly to make my sewing machine cover, it should not take too long. Then I would like to make Molly's dresses, they are very simple, not many pieces. I also hope to finish resizing the paper pattern for Georges dungarees, so a busy day. Hopefully it will be cooler inside.

I've got brave, my nails are bright red, normally it's a colour I only use on my toes. 


  1. Very pretty fabrics for Mollie's dresses. I'm looking forward to seeing them when you've finished them.

  2. Must be so rewarding to be able to make clothes for your grandchildren, and to alter your own clothes.

    1. I will be enteral grateful to my mum for teaching me to sew, and giving me the knowledge to do simple things.

  3. Your daughter picked out some lovely fabric for the dresses.

    Your hexies look great.

    God bless.

  4. My you will be busy...I really fancy having a go at some hexagons one day. x

  5. I do like the fabrics chosen for the dresses ...

    All the best Jan

  6. Molly's dresses will be beautiful, I love the fabrics. You are so clever with a needle 😊



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