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Monday 22 February 2016

Print, cut, sew

Trying a different type of patchwork
I like the idea of hand sewing 
 I have been collecting fat quarters for ages
a nice mixture of designs and colours
 My first finished hexagons, these were picked for their design
I want to store them in a big box, getting all of the required hexagons finished before stitching together, I have no plans on designs, I will wait until I have made loads. I am not very good a doing random style, I spend ages ensuring the random effect is what I want, to scared to just pick up any hexagon and sew.  
 I hope to finish the ring of red soon
I want to then stitch the long white panel on the left
white is the hardest part to do. 
  Another book finished
Another good read, I am now on the hunt again for a different author 
I am having fun breaking away from my usual reads. 
Sunday was a stay at home day, after we cleaned the house, it was craft all the way. I was going to get out my sewing machine, but whilst looking at fabrics, I put all the fat quarters together and realised I had enough to get this project going.
I have also collected together all my felt squares, again I have loads for projects.
Later I did manage to do some more on Sheffield, I am powering into this stitching, it has to be finished by June.
I love stay at home days, hubby gets bored, but I am trying to get him into hobbies for him rather than him sat at the computer all day, he loves backgammon, cards and golf.
My plants from Saturday are looking OK, it's always a worry when you move things.


  1. Your fabrics are really pretty, enjoy the hexagon stitching. The cross stitching is coming along really well. I've just finished reading The Moth Trap by Ann Cleeves and am now reading the The Valentine's Card by Juliet Ashton both were new authors to me.

  2. I think being totally random is very hard, especially when you notice a couple of colours the same sitting together or similar patterns clashing, it's so easy to move them around and then it isn't random at all. I'm just the same when it comes to crochet.

  3. This might sound really really thick, and I'm sure a book or Google can help, but the hexagons - does the paper stay in? it's stitched through???
    Step by step please?
    The stitching is looking truly awesome X

  4. Fabrics are lovely. I got my DH playing Sudoku and puzzles and games on the Ipad. The only problem is, I now never get to use the Ipad!

  5. Such pretty fabric! I love hexagons and yours are so nice.

  6. Your fabric is lovely, I wish my sewing was better :/

  7. Those two finished hexagons are neat. I thought they were tags to put on items you have made to give to people.

  8. Lovely fabrics you've been collecting for the hexi project.

    Dinah Jeffries is a new author to our book group, she's written The Separation and recently The Tea Planters Wife, my book group ladies loved both books.

  9. Love the fabrics you've shown - look really vintage. I love stay at home days when I get the chance to do miniatures, etc - can't beat them. Like you I'm trying different books and authors.



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