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Saturday, 6 August 2022


I think this might just divide you, my loyal readers, we popped to the huge Tesco superstore, it's about 15 minutes down the road, we don't go often as it's huge and I just can't stand so many people about, I spend all my time dodging trollies and kids. I checked the dates on the items bellow and now have most of what I need for our Christmas cakes. Heck, I've said the word, I normally get everything in September and bake in early October, but who knows what's coming. 
Still no rain, our days look like this, cloudy often muggy and windy, all the promise of rain, but no it's staying dry. Other areas in south east are now bringing up hosepipe bans, my garden is not doing to badly, but soon all my rainwater will be gone. I'm trying to be careful with water, even before any ban comes into force in our area.
I am having harvest, this will be the last big cucumbers, the leaves have turned yellow, I do have another plant which is almost ready for harvest, I get a few tomatoes each day, it's not been a good year, one plant died and the other is struggling. The blueberries are almost all gone, the blackberries and raspberries are now ripening, so we can have fruit for a few more weeks. 
Again another good book, good storyline, I did guess who done it, but it did not take away anything from the story, this author has loads of books, so I'm going to keep an eye out in our library. Book 66 read this year.
I did not dislike this book, it was a good story, but in truth I didn't enjoy it either, almost everyone in the book was a success in their lives, the setting was stunning, all a bit much for me, I like my stories to have a more used, real feel, I won't read another book by this author. Book 67 read this year. 
I got another dress pattern, this should last Molly for years, I have dressmaking tracing paper, so I won't cut out the pattern, I can trace it and make a new pattern. I have purchased some denim, to make the dungarees for George, I am planning loads of sewing next week.  

All my houseplants are now looking much better for the re-potting, none are drooping anymore, I like where they are now placed, hubby has not said anything regarding the 2 now in the kitchen window, the spider plant has perked up really well there. I am still dead heading in the garden, I have cut back my hotlips Salvia, and should get a second show of flowers, they had got very tall. There is very little soil not covered with flowers in the garden, which helps the water retention, I only water the beds once a week, the bulk of the pots just twice a week, and a few more often. 

I have lost myself in books again, I find it so easy to read anywhere, hubby is a book worm as well, the TV is never on, I have even stopped watching the news, I now check the site on my phone. I need just one push to get the hexagons all sown together, I have everything I require to get the sewing machine cover finished. I have plans for next week, plenty of sewing time, I am also about to cut out Launa Lupin's friends, again I have everything I need to make them.

We are planning a small family BBQ tomorrow, daughter, SIL, Will, George and Molly will be here, they have just come back from their holidays in Somerset. We have almost everything we need, just have to get burger buns today. Today is just a quiet day at home together, I will be outside in the garden, I have a few small things to do. 


  1. We're forecast some hotter weather again this coming week so I fear there'll be little rain again. We've had a bit this last week but not enough to notice any difference in the ground, everywhere's parched. Enjoy your barbecue tomorrow.

  2. Lisa Gardner doesn't disappoint does she. I've read a few of hers and the one that stands out for me is 'Crash and Burn', I found that quite sad. You seem to read a lot of books and I know you said you and your husband read rather than watch the TV, but are you like Sue in Suffolk and able to speed read?

    1. I have always been a fast reader, thanks for the recommendation, I will look for that book.

  3. You were right to pick up the Christmas cake supplies. We don't know what is going to be happening a few months from now.

    God bless.

  4. Glad your houseplants are looking better after being repotted and I agree about getting the ingredients for the Christmas cake. Hubby and I love fruit cake of any kind.



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