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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Another heatwave

Book 70 read this year, set in March 2020, at the beginning of covid, a police department investigating historical child abuse in a now closed Sheffield boys home, subject could have been graphic, but the story unfolded without any detail, they were going after the well connected men who abused the boys,  who are now grown up. I really enjoyed this story, it followed a path where police officers were blocked and mislead, there are loads of titles from this author, I would happily read more.

Another book by Lisa Gardner, these all follow one big storyline which is being chipped away bit by bit, each book also has another crime to solve, There are loads more to read, again I enjoyed this story. Book 71 read this year.

We have had Molly for 2 days and nights, daughter had booked a family trip to Lego land on Thursday and Friday, we suggested they leave her with us, she is too young to do much, they were able to do more with Will and George. They had fun, it was not too busy and there was loads of shade. We stayed inside both days, Molly plays happily and slept well each night, we had loads of fun, it simply too hot to do much. Saving water having her bath in our sink, sat on a towel for comfort, brought back loads of memories. 

I have been given this lovely display of yellow roses,  the lady made it herself,  I was happy to give away our paella pan,  I've only used it once,  and would not use it again, it did not sit on my cooker top, and I really did not want any money for it. Such a lovely surprise, sadly in this heat they won't last long. 

I have been saving all the grey water from our kitchen sink to water my pots, most are looking weak, I am watering my Olive tree, I can't bear to lose it. My raspberries are not forming, which is a shame there were loads of flowers and tiny fruits. My cucumber is dead, my tomatoes are looking sick, both in the greenhouse, it's just too hot. My poor garden is closing down, most of my bedding plants are going to seed, normally most last until early September, I have no plans to replace them until we have decent downpours. The last time we saw any decent rain was in June, the last rain we had here was 22nd July, and not huge amounts. 

I packed the sewing machine away, too hot to do anything, my hexagon's only need a few more stitched to one corner,  the other tasks will get done once it cools down, mostly we are both reading with the fan going to keep us cool.  Molly went home at lunchtime, mummy was really happy to see her, we have no plans, it's too hot to cook or BBQ, so pizza for tea, tomorrow we will visit so Will can tell us all about his trip, he like most little boys loves Lego.


  1. Molly looks so cute sat in your kitchen sink. Great idea to save water and I'm sure she enjoyed it too.

  2. The round sink works perfectly for a baby bath, the tap swings out of the way. We had a butlers sink when my daughters were little, they loved having a kitchen 'bath'.

  3. Molly looks so comfortable in the sink! I remember doing that with my kids when they were little, they loved splashing about in the water to keep cool. HAPPY TIMES 🙂



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