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Friday, 29 April 2022

What day is it?

I have done more squares on this design, I had huge problems on the 2nd orange square, I could not work the design out in my head, I over complicated it, The yellow and pale green are not easy as they are both so pale. I am still loving it. 
As yet I have not finished this book, I'm on page 133, I have thought of stopping, but I will give it a bit longer, it's a new author to me, the woman has gone back to her childhood home, with all the memories of her childhood play days with her twin sister.
I treated myself to a Gardeners world mag, it had 6 packs of seeds, 3 I wanted and 3 flowers I will scatter around, but £7.50 per issue, really that's daylight robbery, as my mum would say, plus inside not much new information for me, loads on lawn care (ours is plastic). I did get some salad seeds as well. 
When we got our new to us table, we moved the bench to the walk by the garage wall, we both like to sit here in the morning with our coffee, it's sunny and protected from the breeze, the bench is in the shade all afternoon and evening, so later in the year on hot days it will be a cool spot to sit. We are viewing the garden from a different angle, which gives us different conversations, and a new plan forming.

I'm having a very lazy week, my back is much better, I am going to watch how I twist when I do things, it seems the little twist is the issue, thank you everyone for your good wishes. I did manage to do housework on Wednesday, slow and easy and I got it all done. Thursday we did pop out, a few things required, it seems after being in this house 12 years and doing all the work as we moved in, loads of things are needing replacing at the same time, we got a few smaller items and looked at prices on cookers, ours is 16 years old, everything still works but I am finding it very difficult to clean it.

Today I'm sitting with George and Molly whilst hubby helps daughter collect a heavy object, so I'm having a fun morning, not sure what we will do after, maybe a garden centre for lunch, hubby is looking for a rose bush. 


  1. I often look at the magazine fronts on the shelves in the village shop but nowadays that's as far as I get - the insides are always a let down!
    Have a good morning with your two littlies - and mind that back

  2. I agree the price of magazines is outrageous. I was looking at them the other day and they're not something I would normally buy but hubby wanted a newspaper and even those are expensive. Good to know your back is feeling much better.

  3. I picked a magazine up the other day, first time In years as they are so expensive. Glad your back is feeling better, might be worth looking for some simple back exercises, the doc gave me some to do when I pulled mine and they have helped loads, i do them every other day now and iI don't have the twinges anymore that I used to. Have a good weekend

  4. Your garden is looking beautiful. I love the acers on the front right of the photo. It all looks so relaxing.

  5. The garden looks lovely and O like how you are always changing it around - I’m far too lazy to do that. The most things I move is maybe a tub or two! It is basically a rectangle though of a lawn and a border! We do sometimes chit chat about putting some fruit trees along the fence - we’ve chit chatted that for years now and there’s still no fruit trees! Have a good weekend - enjoy lunch out !

  6. Cleaning the oven would be my most hated job! Sorry to hear you hurt your back, hope you are soon back to feeling 100% again.

  7. We are in a similar situation with our house. We've lived here about 15 years now and lots of things need re-doing. Some things we did cheaply first time around, as we didn't have the money and they now need doing properly. Hopefully, we'll get around to them eventually.



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