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Sunday 10 April 2022

Trees give life

I always show photo's of our Magnolia tree, it is a beautiful tree, but we do have more tree's in our small plot, this twisted willow is very pretty, I use thin twigs from here all the time, we do keep it small, it would grow huge if left.  
For 10 years this Acer grew in a wooden frame beside the garage wall, it loved the spot, but was becoming too big, so rather than pass it on, hubby suggested we pop in into the ground, it looks stunning here. 
The triple Acer was potted to fill the space from the bigger red Acer, I love these colours and hope to keep them together in one pot for as long as I can. I purchased a twig last year, it's another acid green shade, it's already doubled it's size. 
The Olive has been in this pot for a few years, I do feed it twice a year, the wind has battered the leaves, but they will come back. There are still a few Olives left, they do not ripen enough to be able to harvest them, so I always leave them for the birds. 

This is my success story, it's a Pomegranate grown from a pip in the fruit, started back in 2017, back in bud, the colours of these leaves are lovely. I don't ever expect to have fruit from this tree, but for as long as it looks good I will keep it in a pot. 
Again all grown from pips, Lemon, Orange and Lime, these aren't really doing well, I need to care for them better, I'm going to keep them here infront of the greenhouse, it's a very sunny spot and they will get extra heat from the glass. 
Our garden has loads of hard landscaping, the decking and the concrete path to the garage, plus our fake lawn, so I have tried in ensure there  are loads of natural grown things to please the birds and other wild life. With the flower and shrub boarders, there is so much colour, I tend not to think too much about the rest of the un-natural parts. Trees do give life to my garden and any other landscape. 

Tree's can be hard work when they require cutting back, our policy has always been, never let them get to big, keeping them to a size where we can reach them. Growing in pots is not ideal, as always at some point they require to be planted into the ground and there is not enough space in our garden. I have always offered them free on our local Facebook pages, I'm happy to pass them on for a new life in a bigger garden. I have put links on each tree, if you want to look back at post and see what I did, not that I knew what I was doing, just having fun. 

We are very lucky as our neighbours to the back of the garden has 3 huge trees, which we steal into our view, they leave their trees to just grow. I have always loved trees, and also the challenge of growing things from seed, so hopefully I will always have loads of different trees here. 


  1. I love the fiery red acers, though it's something I've never grown, I will buy one, perhaps this year. I have a few trees in my garden, a gorgeous lilac which grows right outside my bedroom window and it smells heavenly when it's in flower and I open the windows, I also have a large silver birch in the front. In the back I have fruit trees, cherry, plum and two apples, all grown on dwarf rootstock to keep them small.

    1. We had a silver birch in our last house, they are beautiful.

  2. I have a view of a HUGE Twisted Willow from my back garden, it's a gorgeous lime green at the moment. Goodness knows what happens if it ever falls

    1. Our hope is to never let ours get that big.

  3. I confess I am a Secret Surreptitious Tree Hugger - I adore trees :)



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