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Monday, 11 April 2022

Play time

Molly looking so grown up, she is 9 months now and getting around, almost crawling, she loves to join in with everything. We went to a leisure centre in a town nearby for an evening family party supported by Portsmouth Downs Syndrome association. Will is here as well, but he was off in the bigger children's play area, making new friends.
Daughter with Molly and George, me holding on to George, we spent most of our time in the tots play area, daughter had loads of mums and dads to chat to, everyone supports each other. They had a perfect buffet, and each child had an Easter egg and toy, there was a big Easter bunny, but Will was a bit scared of him. 
I am so pleased I finally got my emerald ring fixed, the stone fell out almost 2 years ago, and through lockdowns and other issues, the jeweller I normal would use was just too busy to do repairs. We visited an independent shop in town, they sent the ring to a specialist, who suggested he redo all the fixings, now I have it back and I'm so pleased, I have missed wearing this ring. 

Last week was family time, SIL was away with work, so we were helping out more, it's not hard work, just loads of fun together, us playing with the children. BUT it is tiring, it shows why we have our children in our 20's. Sadly today George is not well, he does suffer with colds and chest infections, it's a bad time of year, the weather is so mixed and he will take off clothes if he feels too hot, mummy is having a day at home. Will is sleeping over with Grandma and Grandpa, so he won't be home until the afternoon. Daughter does not need anything, but we will stay near the house and car, just in case she needs us, Grandma will also help out.

I did manage to do loads of sewing yesterday, most of Molly's bedroom items are made, just 1 cushion to finish, which requires a lot a hand sewing. I hope to do my bedroom cushions today. It's another sunny cold morning, we are going to walk to the library to get more books and then to haberdashers for more soft stuffing, no laundry as it was all done yesterday.  Photo's next time. I've not read much and done very little to my cross stitch, I have been pottering in the greenhouse, all the tiny plants I potted on are growing well, I even have flowers on one tomato plant. 


  1. What lovely photos, it looks like George and Molly had a lot of fun. It sounds like your daughter gets lots of support from her family as well as friends at the group. I'm sorry to hear that George isn't well again, I hope he's not too poorly and that he gets well soon. Your ring is lovely. I've got my mum's engagement ring which I want to have repaired, she lost a stone out of it years ago and never replaced it but I'd like to wear it.

    1. I was lucky as hubby found the emerald, it fell out at home, repairs are not cheap but the ring is like new.

  2. Oh my goodness! what lovely happy family pictures. It makes my heart sing. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Lovely happy photos! And your ring is so pretty :)

  4. Lovely photographs ...
    So pleased you were able to get your ring sorted, it looks lovely.

    All the best Jan

  5. Will and Molly are such sweethearts and look so very happy. I am glad that you got your ring fixed and can proudly wear it once again.

    God bless.

  6. Lovely family photos. Your ring is very nice it must be a joy yo be wearing it again. I hope George feels better soon.

  7. Looks as though they had a very enjoyable time playing. Lovely ring by the way! x

  8. Your ring is lovely, great you were able to get it repaired. I'm not wearing my engagement ring at the moment as my finger got fatter!



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