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Monday, 25 April 2022


Another clever book, are you scared of going mad, either as you age or after an accident, this explores the mind, plus a few twists, I loved it, book 36 read this year. 
This was his 2nd book written, it's a set of 4, I've not read the 1st book, I'm OK with reading out of sequence, I love this character, as a dad with teenagers he's believable, I do love reading 'normal' people getting themselves into trouble. Book 37 this year. 
 My Chinese money plant is full of babies, I potted the bigger one, and now I can see another 4 growing, I have everything crossed as this potted baby did not have huge roots, I have given it extra rainwater as this spot is warm and sunny.  

These succulents are doing well, I have small babies in the cup, which are slowly growing, I have taken a bigger cutting from the mother plant, in the small pot behind, these are beautiful when smaller, again I'm not sure if I am doing things right, just having a go. 
Bette is doing well, she loves this spot away from the window, but still in my sunny office, the pot, her hair is now lovely and thick, I am allowing the pearls to grow down this summer. I have also pinned up the stems of my string of hearts, hoping to make it fuller. 
My Easter plant is beautiful, every time I pass it I can smell the sweet scent, much better than cut flowers, the yellow just brightens the room. 
I've had this Orchid for months, the blooms are still looking lovely, they should last well into summer. I have other Orchids but none have buds on as yet.  

Hubby is back home, he had a lovely few days on a Welsh Guards reunion in Cardiff, I have been to them before, but I find I spend too much time listening to people who I don't know, enjoying reliving their army lives, which I was never a part of, hubby is happy to go on his own, I enjoy the time at home with our cats. 

The weekend weather was perfect, sunny and warm, sometimes a bit breezy, but on the whole enjoyable, without trying I have the start of a tan, I'm now wearing sandals, I try and ditch my boots and shoes as early as I can. Saturday we popped to our local Lidl's, where there were more gaps on the shelves, we only required fresh fruit, veg and meats, mainly stocking our fridge, it's very rare we get anything from the center isles, I even passed by the plants. Sunday another lazy day, we popped to our neighbours BBQ, in the house at the bottom of our garden, stayed for an hour. We avoid doing much away from our home over the weekend, we are planning a couple shopping trips next week. I did some sorting in the greenhouse, it's really full in there, which is normal for this time of year. Basically my time is reading, plants and craft, mainly cross stitch, I have said before hubby is a book worm, so we match well. 

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post, Sewing is my passion, always has been, whilst it's my hobby, I never wanted it to be my job, I enjoy making just what ever I wanted. 


  1. Your plants must be very happy if they're providing you with lots of babies. You can't beat free plants.

    1. I love free plants, hoping to make a few swaps.

  2. You really do have green fingers gers, everything in your garden and home looks so healthy and happy. Going to check the books out.

  3. I haven't read a LB book in ages, I might have a look at the library on Thursday when I go to book club. I love your string of pearls, I would really like to buy one, although I haven't seen any around.

  4. Your house plant look fab and healthy.

  5. Sometime we can baby our plants too much. When I lived at home the next door neighbour had beautiful plants and my Dad used to fume as she did nothing with them, he used to tend his garden so well and yet hers flourished with hardly any attention. lol

  6. I am like you in that I make things because it gives me great pleasure to do so. I give most of it away to family members but I have kept some of the Christmas things I have made.

  7. Gardening can be such a joy, I love trying to propagate various plants, some win some fail, but its interesting. I would also like to thank you for your review on Before the poison, I bought it on kindle and have enjoyed it so far. I was drawn in by owning a farmhouse dating from before 1597, but was thwarted by lack of information. Whilst selling I filled some gaps, but the house told its own story. Goose bump time. xcx



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