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Monday 31 January 2022

January roundup

I got some thread and felt this month locally, but I had to place an online order to get good quality felt and tiny buttons, I am ready to make more animals and clothes, the clothes fabrics are coming from my fat quarter stash. I could not find 1 set of knitting needles, so I purchased another set of the size I required, and just 2 packs of summer flowers for the garden. 

I have purchase a pair of slippers and a couple bra's, my slippers were very tatty and needed replacing, I am also replacing bras with non-wired designs, which are far more comfortable. I got a new winter coat in the M&S sale, expensive start to the year, but all things I needed. My craft trolley is not shown, I used some Christmas gift money. 

Food shopping has been really low, we were stocked up, and had Christmas treats left over, we always planed to stay at home throughout January, sitting out the virus again, we both have had our boosters, but staying safe. 

We spent our saving allowance plus a bit more, we had to get a new mattress which was twice the cost we thought we would pay, ours is on its last legs,  and a second hand outside table and chairs, which was a bargain we did not want to miss, we will sell our table and 2 chairs, keeping the bench. Not the financial start we wanted, we are focusing on saving each month of the rest of the year. 

I'm happy with my weight on Jan 1st, I record my weight the 1st day of every year, I am about the same as I was back in 2014, in between my weight has yoyoed, 2020 was my heaviest recorded weight. We are walking and have cut back on portion sizes, we still have loads of Christmas food here, I always put on a couple of pounds in January.


  1. It doesn't matter how many times I say I'm cutting down on Christmas treats, we always end up with leftovers which we eat throughout January.

  2. I think paying out for a decent mattress is worth the extra money. It seems a lot at the time but a good nights sleep is priceless.

  3. I'm also now having non-wired bras, as you say they're so much more comfortable and at my age I want comfort! Bit too old now for perky boobs, haha.

  4. Well done for weighing the same as you did in 2014. I wish.

  5. I always find January a good spend month as there are usually lots left over from Christmas. Your patio table and chairs are lovely, hope you manage to sell your other one.
    Well done on maintaining your weight too!

  6. the table and chairs are lovely. we need a new matress but was shocked at how much a decent one is - we have a superking size. But we may go the whole hog and get a new bed once we have new wardrobes!



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