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Friday 14 January 2022

What are you doing

 Another book finished, I was not sure about this storyline, I was given this book, but I loved it, good storyline, it kept me hooked, I have not read this author before, but would read another of his books, 4th book read this year.

After my post with my purchases for making another Luna rabbit and friends, I received an email from Susan, she does not have a blog, but she loves reading blogs, she very kindly offered to send me the kit to make the knitted ballet cardigan, I offered to pay postage, which she declined. 

So many extra items, as Susan was having a clear out, thank you so much, I am once again I am blown away by the kindness of this lady. Everything is so useful, I'm already knitting. 

I decided to start knitting, I'm using a sock yarn from my stash, it's the perfect weight for this mini cardigan pattern. My other mini start was unpicked it was too big, so I plan to start again with smaller needles and maybe a different colour yarn. 

The garden is full of shoots and buds, so much hope and new blooms, looks like spring, but here along the south coast our snowy months can be in February, March and even April, so Spring is still a way off. 

I have not done much at all, the house is cleanish, tidy, the garden is only every a quick walk through, or watch through our windows, crafting is a non starter, I have been hiding in books, as you can see I have already read 4 books, 2 of them with 500+ pages.

January is never a good month, often just grey and damp, this year it's been warmer, so each day I have no idea what to wear and often remove layers, only to pop them back on later. I have no reason to moan, I am healthy, our home is warm, most of the time, we have food and can still afford the soring prices of everything. 

I should be planning projects for the year, I have a huge cross stitch WIP I should get out and look at, it's finish is long overdue.  It's also a month of memories, which are very mixed, and as you know I over think so much, and of course there is Covid, everyone is free from it, but it's all around us, Will's teacher now has it, as does some of his class, daughter has been told, Will should be Ok after having it in late December. 

The kindness of Susan, friends checking up on me, a couple of sunny days are helping, hubby is great, I am so happy to be in a loving relationship, once these grey days are past, I will bounce back. I have to just stop thinking and do something, anything. 

Today we are going out, I am looking for a new knee length winter coat, a duffle coat, I've seen some online, but I need to try them on. Later I'm babysitting Will, George and Molly, so mummy and daddy can have a night with friends. 


  1. How kind of Susan to send you that kit, I'm always blown away by the generosity of people we meet through our blogs. We've got another sunny day here, I'm not a lover of the colder months so I'm pleased that we're getting a mild winter, though as you say, the really cold months are yet to come so we'll see how that goes.

  2. It is very cold today. I am very cross at a effing cat who has beein on one of my big pots, digging and the other all over my newly poking through bulbs. I have spent ages doing a Morrison's online shop getting grouchy with the HG who keeps offering suggestions of what we need...AFTER I have checked out! We are finally finding out what happened after watching Safe on Netflix. I may go do some jigsaw now and read. I have had a very lazy day today.

  3. My first comment I think as I just wanted to say that I have read most of Linwood Barclay books, but I've never read that one. Something to look into. You won't be disappointed by his books. His first book was No Time For Goodbye and I was introduced to it by the Richard and Judy Book Club when they were on This Morning. How many years ago was that?

  4. I've read a couple of Linwood Barclay books, can't remember which ones now though, definitly not that one. That was kind of Susan to send you the cardigan kit, it looks very sweet.
    I've got a weekend of my own company as Mark is working away, I'm sure I'll manage to ocupy myself :-)

  5. What a lovely, make a person smile thing that your blog reader did.

    Enjoy your time with the grandchildren.

    God bless.

  6. How nice of Susan to send you that kit ...
    You seem to have made a good start with your 2022 reads, I haven't read any Linwood Barclay books.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  7. It's so nice to hear what you've been up to, M. That knitting, while finicky, would preoccupy your time. And it looks a real treat too! Which reminds me, I have some dish-clothes to knit, by request.

  8. I'm sure you will enjoy the knitting and how kind of Susan to send the pattern.
    I don't have any large cross stitch project at the moment but I do have a few small ones that I will do over the year and frame for my craft room and maybe some around the rest of the house.
    Have a good week x



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