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Friday, 28 January 2022

Blooms, parcels and a finish.

I have the last bloom on my Amaryllis, I only had 5 blooms this year, 3 buds did not open, again this was an expensive bulb purchased from a garden centre, maybe later this year I will just get cheaper supermarket ones. 
I do have loads of blooms around the sitting room and kitchen, these are all fake silk flowers, they look good, the Orchid and the green stems in the blue jug are years old, they all brighten up the house. The bowl of citrus fruits are plastic, our dining room table is in a dark section of the room, these 'fruits' always look bright, very few things look good on my table. Using fake flowers has saved me loads of money, I do love to see blooms at home, last year I did not purchase any fresh flowers, and hubby only got me a few bunches. 

I have finished these socks and gave them to the haberdashery owners husband, he loves them, I think to balance out the fairness I should make her a pair, maybe in pink. I enjoyed knitting these, it's such a simple easy pattern to use. Home knitted socks last so well, so I have loads of pairs as does hubby,   
Typical, when I was out Hermes delivered the original parcel from Hobbycraft, hubby did not realise it was from them quick enough to refuse the delivery, I am waiting for them to arrange collection. My other lost parcel arrived as well, sent at the same time as this one, so Hermes had been over whelmed and unable to keep up with deliveries, can't blame the courier, they can only deliver what arrives in their depot. 

It's been a busy week, sign class was fun, we are learning to song 'Bring me Sunshine', which is a great tune, I have the words on my desk, so each time I sit at my computer I can practice, which is normally once a day. I know the words which helps but was unaware I sing the lines in the wrong order. 

Wednesday we had Molly for a while in the morning, daughter stayed and chatted, later we walked to the village to hand over the finished socks. Thursday we were out all day popping to Ikea in Southampton and then back to daughters to see Will after school. 

We have George and Molly at ours soon, daughter had a hair appointment, we will go out for a walk later, I still have done nothing in the garden, I have not read much and done nothing towards to making of Luna and friends. 

Sadly after saying how pleased we were with the ground feeder for the birds in my last post, we have spotted a huge rat eating there, hubby was so disappointed, he loves watching the birds in the garden. So rather than take away a food source, we have put the feeder on the garage roof, the birds have already found it, but sadly it's not where hubby can see the birds. 


  1. Your amaryllis is a lovely colour, it's a shame that some of the buds didn't open. I always get supermarket bulbs already potted up and they usually do well. That's not good news about the rat, one of the perils of feeding the birds, but at least they're still getting fed.

  2. How lovely that you gave the socks to the owner of the haberdashery. I bet they were delighted with them. I've just bought some dahlia tubers from Poundland. I'm hoping they'll grow okay. I lost a lot of mine to rot this winter,so needed to buy a few more.

  3. Gorgeous socks. Making a pair for his wife would be lovely.

    God bless.

  4. Bring me sunshine always reminds me of Eric And Ernie! Your blooms are lovely and so are the socks.

    1. Yes, it was chosen after watching them on TV over Christmas.

  5. Your amaryllis is beautiful, I never seem to have much luck with them. Sorry to hear that your ground feeder is attracting rats, that's the reason why I stopped feeding the birds, it's a shame because I used to love watching them too. The socks are lovely no wonder he loved them, knitting a pink pair for his wife would be a lovely thing to do. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  6. The socks are beautiful and the amaryllis as well. We feed the birds here and the squirrels usually have there share, yes we do get rats occasionally, are feeders hang from shepherd hooks. I hope you have a lovely week.

  7. I still think your amaryllis is such a lovely colour even though it only had 5 blooms. I haven't given mine much attention ,just watering when the compost gets a bit dry and displaying it out of direct sunlight. So far 10 blooms,5 then another 5 when they finished.
    Hope you find another way to feed those ground feeder birds without that rat appearing.

  8. i hate rats and they were the main reason I had to stop putting food out for the birds.



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