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Monday 17 January 2022

Something new

 After making 2 rabbits for Molly for Christmas, I have fallen in love with these animals, and being me I always like to do something different. I have had felting bits for ages, and have been itching to have a go, so rather than make a plain cat.

 I wanted to add colour over the plain beige felt, so with the felting fibre I already had, I used my good felt (darker shade) and some cheap felt, I quickly discarded the cheap felt, they did not bond well. 

The colours on my finished scrap looks good, but I used the wool to thickly, I will need to try again thinning out the fibres, but basically it's the look I'm after. The light was not so good so my photo's are poor quality. I love it when something is going right, I have been watching Youtube for hints and tips. 
I remembered I had these 2 brushes, which are very like the brushes used for carding (the separating of the fibres using brushes), these are for brushing pets and are much cheaper. They worked very well, the size only allowed me to do small bits, but I can live with that. 
The same scrap piece of felt, the sample at the bottom is after carding the fibres and looks much better, I am not using so much fibre and it does blend into the felt better. The quality of these photos are terrible, it's so dark here and even with the lights on, it makes no difference, if I use the flash the shades are lost. 
If you work with felt, I do know I have done things wrong, I don't have all the basic stuff to make felting fun, when I got supplies it was for me to make little figures, totally different to what I am experimenting with here. BUT it was another wet day outside, so I am playing, and enjoying myself, I am ready to make enough coloured felt to make the cat, all I need to do now is check if I need to make a huge block and then cut it out, or cut out each pattern bit and then add the fibre. A lot of the cat will be covered by clothes, but I do want to make the whole orange parts of the body in mixed shades, I am aware if this works it might not be suitable for Molly to play with. 


  1. I wouldn't have thought of doing anything like that. I hope you manage to get the look you're after.

  2. Brilliant idea to felt your own fabric, quite therapeutic doing that. Looking forward to the finished article xcx

  3. Interesting...hope it works out. Sewing small things is so fiddly. x

  4. Clementine looks adorable ...

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  5. This is going to make the animals looks so cute.

    God bless.

  6. I've never tried felting, hope your idea pans out.

  7. This looks like such a fun project.



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