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Wednesday 19 January 2022

What is normal.

My Amaryllis is very pretty this year, it grew nice and tall, the shades of pink in each flower is brilliant, these lovely blooms always bring colour to a dull January. My 2 bulbs from previous years have not produced any flowers. 
Sadly the blooms are not doing that great, the 1st bloom to open has not lasted long and the 2 others did not open fully. The 2nd stalk is not doing much better, I have 2 blooms and another 2 buds which are not forming at all. They are in the same place as I always pop them, I did not plant the bulb so deep as I had seen they should sit proud of the compost, I have no idea why they are going over so quickly. 
I got this trio of books from The Works before Christmas, a very interesting tale of England in 2050's,  life after riots in the late 2020's, a modern tale of the under dogs. I enjoyed these books, each could be read on it's own, but much better as trio. Books 5,6 and 7 read this year. 

I have 2 deliveries stuck in a Hermes delivery warehouse, it's 3 parcels as one company sent out a replacement and that's stuck as well, I will be asking for a refund, which is a shame as I really wanted 1 item,  one parcel has been holding up my crafting, I will have to sort another way if I can. 

We popped into town on Tuesday, I came home early from sign class, so many shops have shut, it's hardly worth going back, I did get 2 packs of summer flowers. I had Molly on Monday morning, she was coming here this morning, but mummy is not well so they are staying at home, things are all dropping back into a routine. I'm not doing much outside, my greenhouse is full with tender plants, it's far to early to start much, but I can dream and plan.

That's what January is all about, planning, nothing big to do outside, my plans are for our bedroom, we have a new mattress coming, I've been looking at curtains, I have 3 pieces of cross stitch I want to make into cushions, our room will look very different without too much work. 


  1. Sorry to hear that your parcels have got stuck. That is so annoying, especially if your were really looking forward to receiving something. I kind of like January as a month, save for the expense due to birthdays. It's time to reset after all the busyness of Christmas and I like that about it.

  2. That's disappointing about your amaryllis, it's a really pretty colour. Mine is a long way off flowering yet but once they get going they seem to shoot up. I always buy mine already potted up.

  3. I didn't get an amaryllis this year but I did get hyacinths which were lovely but faded all too quickly. I've just planted a bucket of daffodils which I got for Christmas. I'm back blogging after a long break. X

    1. Nice to see you back, will pop over and catch up.

  4. My amaryllis is not very big either, I wonder if it was somthing to do with the bulbs this year? Hope your parcels come through soon.

  5. So sorry that your crafting is held up, I hope you can find another source for the necessary.

    God bless.

  6. Oh dear! I hope your parcels come through soon.

    All the best Jan

  7. That is a beautiful coloured amaryllis. I might look for that colour next year. The bulb I had last year didn't flower either but the current one is definitely making up for it. It is a huge bulb though.
    We are planning a redecoration of one of our bedrooms this year too x



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