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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

3 more finishes.

I have now packed my sewing machine away, I finished this dress for Molly. I have already given it to daughter, so Molly can wear it all through December, the red top is separate and there are red tights to go with it. I did not have a pattern, so the design is simple, just a plain band with a skirt attached, to band at the top straps with ruffs instead of sleeves. I had issues with the buttonholes, and I'm not happy, but it will only be worn a few times. 
I am really happy to be making clothes for a baby girl, this should be 1st of many and using just 1 meter of fabric. The red top came from Next. 
A while ago daughter purchased a king size quilt cover and I made 2 cot size quilt covers, I kept the left over fabric. George is moving bedrooms, so I have made him a simple quilted play mat and some cushions, I made similar for Will. 
This looks weird, but it's important, the paper insert is a template of snuggly, Wills bedtime toy, Will said he needed a sleeping bag, mummy remembered as a child Mrs Christmas made her special items, one being a sleeping bag for her favourite toy. This has been the most important make so far this year. 
I have finished the 1st of Micks sock and I'm doing well on the 2nd sock, I need them finished by Tuesday, which should not be a problem. I am loving the colours they work well together. 

I had fun at sign group on Tuesday, we have been given 2 small things to learn, we also have a 3rd item we are learning as a surprise for Shelia, next Tuesday is our last meeting for this year, so we will perform all our new routines, and then have a lunch together. 

I have asked our local haberdashery if they can cut some furniture foam into a couple 4inch squares, I have an idea forming for a teaching game for George, but only if I can get the blocks. I am hoping to finish Mollys rabbits, I have cut out 2, Luna and Alba, Luna being a girl and Alba (meaning sunlight) being a boy. Most of the stitching is by hand, I can use my sewing machine on my desk for the couple extra items, I won't need much space as everything is so small. I have started another book, but I'm focusing on the last few items for Christmas. 

Today I am going to decorate the house for Christmas, I am feeling very festive, I will have music playing, a huge coffee pot going and enjoy putting out my loved ornaments. Later I want to pop the base icing on daughters cake, then she can take it home, Will is going to help her decorate it, I will add the marizap layer to our cake. Christmas is coming and in this house its a lovely gental slide into the holiday season, just the way I like it. 


  1. Such lovely makes. I bet it's quite a novelty making things for a little girl after all the boy things you've made over the years.

  2. The outfit is adorable. I'm sure your 'issues' won't even be noticed, but it is annoying when you know they're there - I know from experience.

  3. You are such a talented stitcher and I love all your makes. The little girly outfit is adorable 😍

  4. What a lovely dress. Molly will look so adorable. The sleeping bag is a wonderful idea, and the socks are gorgeous. You are very talented and very quick.

    God bless.



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