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Thursday, 2 December 2021

It's arrived

Christmas has arrived, this huge tree is decorated, I'm not sure I will have such a big tree again, I found it very tiring up and down steps to get to the top at 7foot.
 Silk flowers are everywhere, I can't keep the leaves on a real poinsettia, this does look good. 
I leave a couple of the bottom branches off my tree, it allows the tree to fit in the corner, I have used 1 branch and some silk, holly, ivy and poinsettia flowers, fills this other corner. 
I've only had these 2 decorations a couple of years, they look good on the table, it's dark in this corner, so once the lights come up, it's pretty. 
These shelves in the hall is my small santa display, my bigger Santa's I've had for years. 
This is my nativity shelf with loads of trees, the 3 figures were from Spain many years ago, just a simple display. 
This stitching is almost 40 years old, it comes out every year and hangs in the hall, I love it. 
I am pleased to have the decorations out again, I have very few new items, loads of them have a memory or story, so it's like seeing old friends. 

I had a bag of items we put on Facebook and gave away, nothing wrong with them, except I had too much stuff. With George now standing at my lower coffee table and the TV stand, I have not put out so many items, I am happy to have less. 

I have decided this will be the last year of using our tree at 7 foot, we can use a smaller lower tree trunk, which means I don't use the lower 2 levels, so the tree sits at 5 foot, and not as wide, much easier for me, the lower branches have had a battering from the grandchildren.

With battery operated lights everywhere, the dark evenings are now bright and cheerful, I do love the glow and glitter. I don't use tinsel, I've never liked it, I prefer strings of beads. 


  1. Lovely to have your decorations up, especially with grandchildren around. Everything looks great!
    When I was a child we didn't have decs until around the 23rd! I don't leave it quite that late now so the next time Jack comes we'll be sorting them.

  2. Your tree is lovely, definitely worth the effort. Mick wants a new tree this year, we've been saying we'll get one for the last few years and haven't yet but I think this will probably be the year, our old tree has definitely seen better days.

  3. You are way ahead of me - we are still pondering the tree - we have always had a real one and recently a real one with roots so we can plant it in the cottage garden. This year Covid willing we will not be at home for Christmas so I was thinking I would go quite small. The Nativity figures are beautiful.

  4. We haven't had a tree for a good many years because I don't have the patience to decorate one anymore. Yours looks truly festive. The Nativity scene and cross stitch picture are beautiful.

  5. Isn't it lovely to have the lights! Like you, our decorations are all old and hold memories, some of the things we have made :)

  6. I think your tree and decorations look very nice.

    All the best Jan

  7. I see the festive magic is starting to take a hold in your house. Thank you for sharing. We have our tree but not decorated yet. Hopefully it will get done later today.

  8. Gorgeous decorating!! I love how you managed to incorporate the branches from your tree that you needed to trim off.

    God bless.

  9. Your Christmas tree is impressive! I also very much prefer strings of sparkly beads than tinsel. Tinsel is messy! Your home has definitely reflects the Christmas spirt some lovely decorations. I am hoping to start putting up our Christmas pretties this coming week. Keep well. Amanda x

  10. I agree that Christmas decorations are like old friends. I too get the same ones out year after year. It wouldn't seem like Christmas without them. I occasionally add the odd new one, that usually settles in well and becomes an old favourite within a couple of years.



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