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Friday, 10 December 2021

It's all about children

Will has wrote his first Christmas list, he is doing well on both reading and writing since starting school in September, this was sent to mummy from school. He is able to read his set school books, which is very pleasing as he is more of a run and play boy rather than a sit at a desk. 
I am more than pleased with this photo sent from daughter, Molly wearing Nana's knitted dress, the yarn is the softest, she is now 5 months old and daughter is dressing her in lovely shades of pink, sadly Molly wasn't at her happy best in this photo, she is teething. 

George with his snowman book given to him on his birthday, he is signing 'man', he can't process snowman yet. Again he is doing well with his signs, he is communicating very well, he goes to nursery twice a week where they use signs as well as mummy and myself, I am so pleased I have been learning BSL and now Makaton. 

It's Christmas jumper day today. 

I just wish our other little families lived closer, we don't see them often enough, we are not travelling again, too many bugs about.

I have been crafting, I have finished 6 red dots and 5 green dots, which is just over half the dots done, I hope to have the rest finished by end of next week. I have started reading a book, but it hard going, I have read the author before, I will keep going for a bit longer. I have everything ready to redo the button boarder on my green cardigan, but I'm holding back as I want to finish the dice, I also have yarn for another pair of socks.

Thank you for your comments regarding me being tired all the time, I had a blood test a couple of weeks ago and nothing was found, I think it's just the cold darker days, we are not going out much, so boredom could be creeping in. I did have a burst of energy on yesterday and sorted through my card making drawers and threw loads away. I had too many open things, lots of bits, most of which I know I won't use. I feel much happier now it's all sorted. 

Today is our last visit into local town, I have to pick up my new glasses, we are not doing anything else, on the way home (by bus) we are stopping in the village for a treat of lunch. 


  1. Awww, such a lovely post about your grandchildren. It is a shame that the other families don't live closer but it's the way with so many families these days. I think Will might be lucky with his wish list, and doesn't Molly look lovely in her dress, you did such a good job. George is such a cutie, love his signing, and look at that big smile, such a lovely photo of them all.

  2. What a lovely blog post about your grandchildren and don't they look gorgeous in their Christmas jumpers.

  3. Lovely grandchildren pics, and Molly's dress is adorable on her.

  4. Awww What a lovely photo of the three children, and look at Georges big smile :-)
    Might be worth taking some vitamin D if you don't already, a deficiency won't show up on a blood test unless it was specifically asked for

  5. Lovely photos of the grandchildren.

    I sometimes think the weather has way more influence on how we feel than we give it credit for.

    God bless.

  6. Lovely photographs of your grandchildren, and the video was lovely to see.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  7. The photograph of your grandchildren is adorable, Marlene. You must be so proud.
    I'm sorry you are feeling so tired at the moment. I find I'm often lacking in energy at this time of year. The gloomy grey days don't help. X

  8. Such adorable children. They look so happy in their Christmas jumpers. I agree that the weather can have a big impact on us when it's so dark and dismal. I never feel like getting up when it's so dark and I feel warm and comfy under the duvet. Brighter days ahead though.

  9. Those sweet smiles must bring you such joy. They look so happy.
    Will's first Christmas list, something treasure and have as a memory for the future.
    Hope you find your energy vibe again x

  10. I love Will's Christmas list, so sweet. Molly looks so cute in the lovely dress you made and it's great that George is making so much progress with signing. What a lovely family portrait of the three of them.



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