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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Festive time

 Monday we went to a Christmas party for George at Portsmouth Downs Syndrome charity, it was on Portsmouth pier, so whilst it was wet and windy outside we had loads of fun, Molly was all smiles at Santa, but George was unsure, it's his 1st time of meeting him. 
Tuesday it was our Christmas lunch for sign class, not only does Shelia give her time to teach us, she also made a lovely lunch, it was fun but sadly our last get together this year. We had 3 new songs to perform, 2 practiced with Shelia and the red red robin, we practiced as a surprise for her. 

I slept over at daughters on last night, just to keep her company whilst her hubby was working away from home, he is in Saudi Arabia for another week, he works for F1 IT team, his dream job. The carol concert at Will's school was postponed until Friday as it was being held outside and the weather was very wet. 
Daughter is able to collect Wills Christmas bike and hide it whilst he is at school, George is at nursery and I get to play with Molly, later we are popping out to her local village to have lunch. 

There has been some local flooding, the storm came the same time as high tide, nothing too bad and we were not affected. 

We had a new ariel fitted this week, before we had a dish and was having issues with the sound on the TV, totally our error, we did not check to see if the new TV was compatible with our dish. Now it's all sorted, hubby will sell the 2nd hand freesat box and dish, which will help towards the cost. We now have lost the facility to record programs, but we are using Iplayer and other online places. 

We posted all our cards which have further to go, but I still have to write family cards, I've dropped behind a bit, I will try and get them done by Thursday. I have finished the first side of the dice, I have done 6 red dots, next I will do 5 green dots, that will make me half way through. I am planning 2 days next week to finish Luna and her brother Alba, it's a case of sort their limbs and the final sewing together. 

I am tired all the time at the moment, I am sleeping well, but every day really quickly after I get up, I start to feel over come with tiredness, most afternoons I need to sit in my chair, I use the time to craft, I've never felt quite like this, it's new to me, I am hoping it's just the darker days and soon I will start to gain more strength. 


  1. It might be worth having a word with your doctor about the tiredness, a simple blood test could probably tell you why and it might be something as simple as being deficient in a particular vitamin, especially at this time of year. It sounds like you had a lovely time at the Christmas party, it's so lovely to see children enjoying themselves at this time of year.

  2. What a lovely family photo. Yes as Jo says, do go and have a blood test, you might well be deficient in something. Best to know so it can be sorted. Take care, Marlene xx

  3. Such a nice family photographs.

    Have to say I also agree with Jo and Sooze ... a blood test may be advisable.
    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  4. Sorry you have such overwhelming tiredness, hope you get more restful moments in your day to recharge your batteries, sounds like you are trying to cover all corners and doing a bit too much at times. Learning to let go takes time but is worth practising :)

  5. I hope you are feeling a little less tired soon. How wonderful that your son-in-law works in his dream job. It's nice that you are able to spend time helping your daughter when he's away.



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