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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

November round up


I finally sold my wormery, £30 exactly what I wanted for it, I had a few cheeky people offer me much lower, but I just waited, the guy who collected it, wants it for making seedling compost, so he can stop buying it in plastic bags, perfect for that. I've taken the money off my stash spend, I did add it when I purchased it. Not much spending, just bits locally for Christmas gifts. 

Christmas is coming in on budget, no stupid mad purchases just because it's the season of good will, all I see is far too much stuff, too much plastic and waste. I have made loads of gifts, only for people who understand the value of all the crafting involved. I did purchase my snow globe and a glass tree, I do like most years to have 1 new item.

As for Black Friday which last for a month now not a day, we purchased nothing at all. 

I have purchased clothes, £53.99 well spent, trousers, bras and a chunky cardigan, I will need new slippers, but can wait until the January sales. New reading glasses purchased, a cost which can't be helped, at least I know I have healthy eyes, used my bus pass for 1st time. 

We did not expect to have to purchase a new TV and sound box, we did have a conversation about not bothering as it is turned off most of the time, but decided it is useful to have. We did manage to sell on our old sound box, so it is being used in another home. We have also packed up our Wii, and sold it, we never use it and hopefully again it can be used rather than just disposed of. Our bread machine also stopped working, so another small purchase, my steam mop is not working correctly, I'm hoping it will last a bit longer. 

No weight loss this month, I did have a full weekend of my birthday, but happily I am not eating much chocolate. My pre diabetic blood test result was brilliant, back down to levels 2 years ago. 


  1. I budget for Christmas and put money aside each month, so there's no big bills for us in December. We sold our old TV on Ebay, it wasn't working at all, but someone still wanted it. I'd rather that than send it to landfill, at least some of the parts may be able to continue to be used. Glad you got what you wanted for your wormery, it's always worth hanging on as someone will usually give you what you ask for.

  2. You had a good month even though your bread machine stopped working.

    The only time we have ever gotten what we wanted for something we put on sale was the rims we sold recently. Most times we will go down as we just want rid of the item.

    God bless.



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