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Monday, 20 December 2021

Another finish

The dice are completely finished, one is a normal dice the second has shapes on, the last side I changed to the six numbers. I really enjoyed making these, they are an added gift for George to play with. I can see Will playing with George and showing the numbers, shapes and colours.
These are made with an 4inch upholstery foam square, some calico, and loads of cross stitch silks (threads), I purchased 2 skeins of each colour. 
We have had a quiet weekend at home, only walking to the village, where we can get most of what we need, the new real ale bar opened, so we did pop in for a half on Saturday, it's nice to see something different open, it's in one of the old charity shops. We have had another shop open, it's an Asian small supermarket, full of lovely spices and many things we have not seen before, and a fresh veg counter, we will try and use it as much as we can.

I have made all the clothes for both rabbits and my sewing machine is packed away, I do have some hand sewing to finish on both rabbits, but it's simple stitching so won't take long. I hope to be all finished by Wednesday, when I will do a rabbit post. 

We are still all testing negative, everyone testing this morning as my brother is on his way to us for Christmas, mummy and daddy tested Will yesterday and he is negative again, but they sticking to the rules and he won't be going anywhere this week, which sadly means they had to cancel their visit to Santa.

This morning I am picking daughter up and taking her to a local hospital, she is due an injection in her foot, daddy is home with boys, so I am happy to taxi her around, I won't go inside their house, it's hard not seeing the children, 10 days is a long time, but with everything crossed we will be together on the big day. 



  1. I'm sure George will love his dice, the colours are nice and bold, sure to catch his attention. Glad you're all still testing negative, it's such a worry, and hard not to see the little ones but hopefully it will be worth it to spend Christmas together.

  2. The dice look fantastic and I'm sure both boys are going to enjoy playing with them. Fingers and toes crossed with the testing.
    Have a good day x

  3. Those dice are such a lovely educational gift and better still handmade...so very neatly made! It is also good that the brothers will be sharing and playing together. Ours will be a very quiet Christmas just sharing with the immediate family the big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Numbers have risen here again and although most of us are vaccinated even the children as an extra precaution we will all be taking a Quick Covid saliva test before we go to my SIL's villa for the meal. Stay safe. Amanda x

  4. I think those dice are marvellous, so much patience you have. Looking forward to seeing the rabbit and clothes. Enjoy You Christmas with your family.

  5. Glad Will is testing negative. We both tested negative yesterday, will be testing again before we go to our friends for Christmas day....provided it's still on! The dice will be just perfect for George, and his big brother will love teaching him.

  6. The dice look fantastic. I'm sure the boys will get so much fun from them.
    Keeping fingers crossed for you that you can all enjoy getting together. We are desperately hoping that our own family Christmas can go ahead as planned x

  7. The dice are fabulous and will be so much fun for the boys.
    What a shame they will miss their visit to Santa but Santa will be sure to come to them.

  8. Well done with the dice, they look fantastic.

    All the best Jan

  9. Those dice are wonderful!! You did an awesome job, and the grandchildren will love them.

    God bless.

  10. You did a great job making the dice, the kids will have great fun with those I bet.



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