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Thursday, 13 May 2021


Just finished this book, another story about Roy Grace stationed in Brighton, Peter James is changing the style of these books, just a bit in each book, keeps it sharp and readable.  18th book read this year.
On our coffee get together last week, one of my friends thought of me and took loads of books from her friend for me, 7 books on top of my shelf, these were going to the charity shop, they will still go to the charity shop but not before I read them and then pass them to my neighbour. 
In a lovely act of kindness Maggie from BlackCountry Wench blog has offered to send me this book, I have read Harold Fry and Queenie Hennessy stories and loved every word, I have always loved blogging, reading everyone's news and I love how kind we are to each other, thank you Maggie.
If you look at the top left of this blog, you can see my favorite post about our child's garden bench, how each grand child has had their photo taken sat on it, it's Georges turn with big brother Will, don't they look cute. The boys came over on Tuesday and Wednesday, with mummy, we did have some time in the garden, so much laughter, and for a nice change it was warm and sunny. 
Thank you for your kind understanding comments on my last post, I almost deleted it rather than published it, but I decided it is my reflection of life at this time, most years I have published my blogs into a book for myself, so if I print this year it will be another honest read. With the end in sight, these last few weeks are dragging, there are only so many garden centres we can visit, especially as I don't really have any space for more plants. We do have plans, but these days are slow and long, the weather does not help, still spending too much time inside. 

I am having a busy few days, lunch out today, pedicure tomorrow, 1st one for over a year and on Saturday it's my turn for the dreaded boob squash, I have had a really bad cough, thanks baby George for sharing it, so I have had a Covid test, which was negative, thank goodness. I did not go to Tuesdays coffee morning in one ladies garden, the numbers crept up to expected 9 people, so hubby and I stayed away, these days I see more people relaxing the rules with a shrug of their shoulders.


  1. It's always nice to have books passed on from friends. I rarely keep books these days so most of what I buy end up in the charity shop, and I tend to buy quite a few books from there too. I see many people ignoring the rules now too, though if truth be told there's many people who took no notice of them right the way through each lockdown so I'm not surprised.

  2. Your reading is sorted for a while then :-) This is going to Hurt is brilliant, both funny and sad but a good read. I loved The Husbands Secret too. I will get that book in the post for you tomorrow. I don't like how people congregate at the school, I tend to hang back but other than that I'm not going anywhere to meet anyone. I suppose there has to come a time though when life just has to get back to normal, although it will be a long time before i'm comfortable in a crowd of people.



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