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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Fill the gap

I have been filling gaps on the left hand side, I wanted to sort this side before moving on, I am pleased enough to say the left hand side is finished, as is the top half of the right hand side. 
I added just one more small design to the oblong box, the same as the others, less white to see here.  I also added the pink design above the Spanish sampler, it fills the gap and does look pretty, the design did not have the box sections, I added them for a bit more colour. 
All the bits have been filled in the Spanish sampler, I am also working on finishing the center of the square, I also added the purple lace tumbling down, it matches one at the top. 
This corner box is now finished. 

I had a nightmare with the purple boxes at the bottom, the last full design I stitched, I unpicked one section 3 times, I just could not count, I got rather concerned as the canvas was getting very fluffy, where the threads have been pulled through so often, but with careful stitching I have completed the section. There are a few errors on my work, years ago I would have pulled them all out in seeking perfection, but I read on a blog, a lady who created patchwork quilts, placing fabric into beautiful designs, she makes an error on every quilt she makes and 'only God does perfection', the quote has stayed with me. 

With less than a quarter to do, the finish line is in sight, my plan was to use just the lace designs, but I have made a few designs from one lady and decided there should be something on here, so I have chosen a diagonal design from Carrie Rose, still with the lace tumbling around it. I will decide as I am stitching if I repeat any designs or find ones unused from the original design


  1. It's looking good. The end is in sight now.

  2. It is looking incredible Marlene, so complicated. It will make a wonderful family heirloom in years to come :)



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