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Thursday, 20 May 2021

Out the back

My fruit bushes are all doing well after so much rain, loads of blooms, Will checks these on most visit's, I tell him the cycle, of bud/bloom/fruit/ripen/eat, he can't wait for the eat part. 

The moved acer is really happy here, I was a bit worried about the wind, this spot is not as sheltered as it's old position, but it looking good, I have a chocolate cosmos in the blue pot, I love the flowers, the pot under cover is a daisy, there are no holes in the unusual container, shown in last photo of this post. At the back is a bucket with mint in, hopefully the mint will grow and cover the bucket.
I have changed this area again, and moved the metal shelves away, it gives more room for my bigger pots allowing me to have a few more flowers, there is so much colour to come here. 
This is the 3rd lot of shoots on our Magnolia tree, the weather has held this tree back so much, it's good to finally see so many buds, we did miss the flowers this spring, but the tree does look better smaller. 
Down by my shed, tucked behind the garage is the spot where my 2 Hosta's do well, the front one is in a copper coal bucket, the back one is in metal bucket, both have holes drilled in them, and both help with the slugs, which I know is a losing battle, so I enjoy these while I can. 
I moved and changed some of these grasses in my sink, there is loads of new life here, should look good this summer. 
I love pots on my outside tables, the metal table always has the Begonia in the blue pot, which is still inside the greenhouse, the other plants move around the garden to ensure the wooden table always has a colourful display. 

As much as I am fed up with the rain, the garden is looking good, it's a perfect start to the growing season, the water table should be a good height. I have asked my lovely neighbour to stop her son building her sun house, it's been non stop rain since he started. 
I had a brilliant day with Will and George on Wednesday, whilst mummy looked at cars, I think they have found their next car, Will told me loads of information about cactus and the desert, he had watched a programme and took in loads of information, George was so cute and very active, pulling himself up and loving a small shuttlebug bike we have, how quickly they are growing up. I slept well, we stayed in all day and I still managed over 10,000 steps, but was disappointed when Will said Grancha makes a better lunch, can't win them all. 
Today we have friends popping over for coffee, we can sit inside if it's wet, tomorrow my brother is driving down for a visit, his eldest daughter lives local to us, it's been over a year, so loads of family time coming up, we have had both jabs, his daughter and partner have both had their 1st, so family time.


  1. Gardens seem to be thriving in the weather we're having, non-stop rain is forecast again today and tomorrow, I think your neighbour's son should think about building an ark rather than a sun house. Enjoy your family time, I'm so looking forward to seeing Daniel and Jasmine again, but we still don't know when that will be. Jasmine has had her jabs but Daniel hasn't, so they're still having to be very careful.

  2. I love the sign that says you must laugh in the garden, such good advice. lol

    1. Those are my words using a chalk pen so the rain won't wash them off.

  3. Everything seems to be growing so well. I did not know you could grow Hosta's in pots. I might have to give that a try.

    God bless.

  4. Everything certainly seems to be growing well, I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

    PS I too like your sign :)



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