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Tuesday 4 May 2021

Long weekend

This event is in it's 2nd year, it's a brilliant idea, a walk around our village and a bit of nose at what people have for sale. There were local artisans as well as loads of families selling their stuff, and a couple of plant sales, each red dot was an address to visit. There is now talk of making this a more regular thing through the summer months, which would be lovely, for us there are 3 or 4 different walks we could do. 

These photo's were taken from our local facebook information page, at times facebook can be very helpful, just homes with their items outside, you can walk as far as you like, we did an hours walk local to our house. 

Our Acer is looking brilliant, but sadly it's getting too big for this area, I have been thinking about getting another smaller plant, hubby made a brilliant suggestion to move it and repurpose this space. 
Another job done, I originally had a Hosta growing in here, but the slugs feasted on it, so I replaced it with mint as it grows any and everywhere, sadly not in here. So I have dug it out added pea shingle and some candles, the saucer on top will keep it dry when not in use. The guard is to keep cats out, Grace loves to snuggle in there.
Saturday was fun in the garden for an hour, I sorted the chimera, we have had this for over 20 years, when it lit and hot the terracotta makes expansion noises which always worried me, so we stopped using it for heat. I'm not sure if we will light the candles, but it now looks useful, the only other solution was fake plants. It did rain on and off for much of the afternoon, so stitching and reading time. 

Sunday it was sunny in the morning, so we had a walk around our part of the village, I love the Jumble trail and next time we will have a sale outside our bungalow, I did have some stuff this time but sent it all to the charity shop,  last year there were only a few houses involved, this year many more took part. It did rain around lunch time and got really cold again. I did not see any nice plants this time, but in truth I don't have any space left for bigger plants, we came home with empty bags. 

Monday, Bank holiday, which means nothing to us, every day is similar, as is every week and month, it's the downside of being retired, the weather forcaste was wet most of the day, not a problem for me our gardens and water butts need the rain, apologies to those who work and had hopes for a nice day out. So after an hours start on a project outside, we had a lazy time at home inside, reading and stitching. 

So hubby has suggest we move the Acer, we have a perfect spot in the fruit section, but it would mean moving loads of pots, the fruit would then be along side the garage, which does not get sun all day, but is protected from the weather. My head is full of 'what ifs', I am planning and re-planning. We have moved the fruit pots to allow hubby to paint the fence behind, in the hope once painted the old part of the fence won't look so bad. It sounds a simple task but it's much more work than that, we are moving all the slate off the whole area, I will want to put it back afterwards, it's not cheap to buy so I don't want to dig it in. 


  1. I like the idea of a Jumble Trail, that sounds like fun. There looks to be plenty of people taking part which always makes things more of a success, it's good when people get on board. Your acer is lovely, I've promised myself one for as long as I can remember yet I haven't bought one yet.

  2. I think the Jumble Trail is a brilliant idea! It is such a good way to clear out all those unwanted items that accumulate over time. Sounds like a bit of an adventure to me you get to see different areas of the village/town, meet people and even possibly pick up a bargain or a find. Do wish they would do that here! Enjoy Amanda x

  3. We used to go through a town every spring on out way to visit our daughter. They held a huge garage sale and we would spend hours there. One time we phoned our daughter and asked her to meet us there she was pleased as she got a Thule bike rack for her car very cheap indeed.

  4. What fun, sounds like the American thing of having neighbourhood garage sales, I wish there were more things like that in this country.



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