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Monday 24 May 2021

My weekend

I enjoyed this book, maybe not as good as Harold Fry and Queenie Hennessey, still a lovely story. 21st read for this year. 
I plan to read these library books before returning them, The End of Her is a popular book it has 2 reserves on it, I have not read anything by Shari Lapena. 
I got these 5 archs, 2nd hand locally, a young couple moved to a new home and removed them from the garden. They are solid and heavy, and will fit in front of shed, replacing the scruffy hoops I used, I will be so pleased to remove the white flexible pipes, the best bit they were free, did not take too much work, I cut back the plants, but they will regrow over the summer. 
Trying to get back to normal (what is that these days) I had a pedicure done on Friday, it was lovely, the lady is an independent, and works from her salon based in her own home, it felt safe and I was impressed with her. I will use her again, rather than the shop in the village, it's only a short drive to her home. Purdy thought she should be in the photo, she comes close to me all the time, follows me outside and around the house. 
 My brother visited, I can't describe how pleased I am to see him again, he brought a fantastic home crocheted throw made by my eldest niece and a gift for youngest daughter. I have never tried waffle stitch, it's very warm feeling, daughter will love these colours. 

We did very little, spending time here and not going out, both hubby and brother helped in the garden on Saturday, we got the archs in place and the old stuff sorted. It was a nice hour in the garden, just before a huge rain storm.
Sunday was a lazy start, we did get to see daughter, SIL, Will and George, but the rest of the day again was at home, it was so lovely to hear Will shout uncle Martin, when he saw him. So much to catch up on, I have really missed my brothers visits, having an extra person in our home was so rewarding. One thing I have noticed I have become extra tidy, I had on a few occasions to stop myself, my brother has lived for years on his own so is not as tidy as us, he found it amusing knowing what I'm like. We had rain most days, not the heavy relentless rain, but enough to keep you inside, any thoughts of a BBQ faded pretty quick. 
This week is different for us, I will tell you more soon, I've finished my cross stitch patchwork, photos next time, needless to say I'm pleased. I have yarn for socks and a couple of books to read. 


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I think we've all missed being around extended family over the past year and it's nice that we're able to get a little normality back in our lives now. I think Purdy wanted to show off her perfectly manicured tootsies too!

  2. I just started reading the Major Pettigrew book today, inspired by your mentioning it. Enjoying it so far.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. The waffle throw is beautiful, love the colours she used. I'm fed up with rain now, I could cope with the temperatures being lower than normal but hate getting wet all the time! You read that book quickly! glad you like it

  4. Those arches are fantastic! What a bargain. I do like your book choices - I read Harold and Queenie on your recommendation and bought copies for my mam too, to read together. Next time we're stuck for something to read, I'll remember Major P.
    V excited to see your finished piece!

  5. Your weekend sounds lovely, it is so nice to be able to meet up with family again.

    All the best Jan

  6. Sounds like your life is starting to return to a more 'normal' - must be a great relief for you all :) xx



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