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Friday, 2 April 2021

Potty time

My bleeding heart is now outside, it's on our big table, it is looking very healthy, I love these tiny white blooms. If the weather gets really chilly again, I will pop it back in the greenhouse. 
This is the trio of Acers I purchased last year, I think only 2 have survived, but that's OK, it is thriving in this bigger pot. My big Acer, which I have had for over 10 years, is in full bud, ready to burst into beautiful red leaves. 
I have re-potted both my Lime and Orange plants, they did not do so well this winter, but their roots were pot bound, not they should thrive, along with the Lemon tree, these are still inside the greenhouse. I will start feeding them now. 
I still have pots on my metal table, waiting for blooms, can you see the tiny mice, hubby got them for me as a gift, for no reason, other than he saw them and thought of me. 
Spring pots around the garden and the raised bed outside out back door, I protect the tubs with the primroses in as the squirrels dig in them, they live in a shady spot under the fence by the greenhouse.. 
I popped some spring bulbs which has finished blooming into the brown pot at the bottom of the side garden, in hope I can get colour most of the year. I'm hoping this section will look good this year, I have planted loads here, including a few yellow begonia corns.
Sadly no buds on our Magnolia tree this spring, it did require the huge cut back last year, there are buds showing, but they are for green growth. Hopefully we will have a late bloom. 

I have so many pots around my garden, all my fruit are grown in pots, I get better results with spring bulbs in pots, they rot in our heavy clay soil. The greenhouse is full of nasties in clay pots, I have very few plastic pots.  Pots can be hard work in dry spells, but I have time to be able to water, most of the bigger pots have a permanent place, just a few are move in cooler months.  

The past few days of warmer weather has seen us outside again, we popped the canopy on our pergola, it's nice to find shade, we had friends visit on Tuesday and we sat outside chatting for ages, normal feels so good. Wednesday was cloudy, but Will, George played outside for hours, we sat with mummy watching them, it does feel good to get outside and of course wear my sandals. I did pop to Lidl on Thursday and then most of day home alone, hubby was out on his motorbike. Just looking forward to this long weekend (not that we have much difference as neither of us work).


  1. Lovely tour of the plants and pots in your garden.

    Thank you.

  2. It's been nice to potter round the garden in the sunshine, we are predicted snow sometime next week though!

  3. Your plants and pots look good.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  4. It was nice to have some warm weather but it's turned so cold again, we went for a walk yesterday and the wind was bitter, I could have done with my hat and gloves. Your bleeding heart looks very healthy, it's a good idea to grow plants which don't do so well in your garden in pots, that way you can give them the conditions they need. It's a shame you've no magnolia blooms this year but I'm sure you'll be well rewarded for the prune next year.



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