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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Corner to corner

Progress is still good, I have so much going on in my head, thinking and rethinking this, I'm surprised I ever get to sleep at night. Some would say I am over thinking, but I don't want to do any part of this and then regret as a better solution comes to light, unpicking anything other than a tiny spot is out of the question. 
This design is a fully stitched patchwork, I was a bit scared to pop it next to the lace, in my mind it should work and luckily on the canvas it does. These also add different shades of colour again, I have tried to use some of the shades already stitched on here, I think this middle section is now linking to the lower section. 
I have been thinking about the bottom, once I popped this on the bigger frames I realised I did not have as much room in the lower section, so I carefully measured, stitched and double checked the lower levels. This is another new to here design, it is one of my own designs from 2010, I will be using both of these designs in some form. These red squares are stitching up bigger than expected, the original was stitched on 32 cwt, this is on 28cwt. The smaller cushion design I want to use some of it in this area, if I can get it to fit. 
I had always planned another patchwork square in this corner, with more lace sections above, I'm not sure if I can add a 4th square, it's a case of stitch and see. I have added another of these flowers, which I am dotting around the design, all in bright colours. 

Everything is as I want, I do need to finish the left hand side, but I need to stich designs on the lower level to see how much of the 3rd box I will have showing. I have loads of unfinished sections, I find doing the outlines of many of the pieces helps me feel the balance of the design. 

I do have another design to fit in, but it's a small patchwork, so I am hoping to have bits dotted around, but if they don't fit, then I am happy to leave them out, I need to stitch more of the bigger sections, before deciding. 


  1. Goodness, you're certainly cracking on with this, you put my slow stitching to shame, haha. I like the lace sections, they look really intricate.

  2. So much patience, Marlene, it's looking wonderful.

  3. What an amazingly intricate work you are doing. It is already looking fabulous. I think it sounds like a great idea to outline where you want the bigger pieces to be. Have fun :)

  4. You are making good progress, it's looking very good.

    All the best Jan



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