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Monday, 19 April 2021

Making changes

This was the view as you entered our back garden, our huge BBQ, kept under a weatherproof cover all year round, it was huge 4 burners, a hot plate and a gas burner on one of the shelves, just far too big for us now. The smaller new BBQ can now be kept in the garage
The whole area was covered in concrete a few years ago, hubby always pops his motorbike into the garage, so this area had to be tough to take the wear, it is also a great play area for Will after it has rained, it drains very well and dries very quickly. In creating a new garden green area here, I decided I would try and use some of the many pots I have around the garden, I have loads of pots tucked around the back area and in the greenhouse, filled with beautiful colourful plants. After a throw away comment to hubby we did change plans, moving one of my huge pots already planted up for summer, so I have not spent a penny in the creation on this area, plus the back section is now not so crowded and more how I wanted it to look. 

Our sundial looks better here, and the aeoniums also look good next to it, plus my spring pot. 
The citrus plants are back out, looking good after another winter in the greenhouse, these can withstand light frost, so are safe located here. 
The steps are now clearer, I took a few pots away from here.
The trio of Acers have been moved from here, this pot holder always looks good here, it's a handy place to keep pots which are not in bloom. 
The garden is looking good.

As a result I have had a tidy around everywhere, my worms are now tucked back in a space safe and I can now reach most of the raised bed, and allowing room for my tomato pot this summer, I have been able to use both of my outdoor shelves, grouping smaller pots together. The back area around the greenhouse has always been a bit of a mess, I try and keep it sorted, but it has too much to be placed here, most of my spring pots stay here all summer. 

The old BBQ was collected on Sunday, with one decision and a bit of work we have a tidy garden again. Not all my tender plants are out of the greenhouse, a I have a few and my bedding plants which can wait a few more weeks. It does feel good to have a good sort out and sweep areas, hubby swept the whole access path to the back of the houses. 

Perfect weekend, Saturday working outside, Sunday started the same way, at 11am we popped to our friend and neighbour across the road for outside morning coffee, another couple popped in as well. Later we were working back outside and our neighbours behind called to use and we sat in their garden having a BBQ lunch together, all following the covid rules, but so much fun to see people again.


  1. A garden is always a work in progress. It's nice that we're able to see friends again, it seems such a long time since we were able to sit around a table together.

  2. Beautiful colours in your garden. I would like a very small bbq. I have a big George Foreman grill that I plug in outside.

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful as always.

  4. Your garden is beautiful. Love the colours.

    God bless.

  5. Your garden is looking beautiful! I love pots too and seeing all yours gives me inspiration to add more.

    1. I love pots you can control the growing medium for each type of plant.

  6. Your garden always gives me so much enjoyment :) xx



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