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Friday, 9 April 2021

My week

We had our coffee get together on Tuesday in our garden, with extra blankets, it was really cold, but we stayed warm and chatted for ages, for once it was pleasing to have so many smaller lap blankets. We did have some snow in the afternoon, it was bitterly cold in the afternoon and overnight. 
Wednesday was again really cold, so I cleaned our bedroom and bathroom, hubby had changed the bedding the day before, nothing like housework to warm you up. Hubby was out for a couple of hours playing Petanque, he is so pleased they can meet again. Rest of the day was spent stitching with Grace my cat on my lap, not easy but we manage. 
Thursday another cold start, are we going back into winter, I spent time in my greenhouse, I went to our local shop and got plants for my garden, they are small so I have potted them on, I will plant then in a few weeks when they are larger, I also started more cornflower and poppy seeds, the last lot dried on the hot days we had. I am behind with loads of things, they will catch up once the warmer weather is here.

Today it's sunny and cold, should stay dry most of the day, I am going to water some of my outside pots, and give everything a good drink in the greenhouse, normally I would water in late afternoon, but I will water this morning, so the pots do not have water sitting in them overnight. 

It's been a bit of a nothing week, having my big sewing project has helped pass so much spare time, I have enjoyed being out in the greenhouse, normally at this time of year I would be planning my planting, but it's far too cold, everything will be later this spring. My mum would never sort her bedding plants until late May, it's a rule I try and follow. 

We both have a hair cut booked for Monday morning, I have used the same lady for years, she cuts my very straight hair just how I like it, for the last couple of years she pops to our house, she left the salon after the birth of her 1st baby, and choose a few customers to offer her services, thank goodness I was one of them. Hubby is having his hair cut as well, he normally goes to the local barber, but he is fully booked. 

Hubby has his 2nd jab booked, mine should be early next month, I had the Astra Zeneca, and will be happy to have the 2nd injection. Slowly we are thinking of our freedom, but I don't think I want to be anywhere with huge crowds, I have no desire to pop to any of the non essential shops once they open, life to start with is not going to change much for us. I am looking forward to my brother visiting, it's been over a year since we saw him last, he will finally get to see his daughter and her family, who live local to us. 


  1. Sounds like winter is having a last kick before it disappears for the year.
    Funny how cats like to sit exactly where they can cause you maximum inconvenience! Just as well we love our pets :)

  2. Like you next week seems to be bringing winter back to the prairies of Canada. Still we need the moisture and there is lots I can do in the house. I have my first jab tomorrow and I will be doing a happy dance as I leave the clinic. Glad you both are going to be getting your second shots very soon.

    God bless.

  3. A very busy week, and I did chuckle at the thought of us hardy Brits outside with blankets to keep warm! My friend even provided us with hot water bottles last time. Very good idea too! Im like you - not in a hurry to go where the crowds are and I am a little miffed that the hairdressers open when I am stuck at work and Saturday appointments are as rare as hen's teeth - so my lockdown fringe will be there until October half term!

  4. Getting a lot of gardening done, we're waiting to move and get that new garden underway,, at the moment it's just grass and hedge!

  5. We have certainly been having some mixed weather this week, more like winter than spring, it even snowed a bit today, although that turned to rain, still not warm though.

  6. Yes, we had a little snow earlier this week, and it is still quite chilly isn't it.

    All the best Jan

  7. Yes, it's still rather cold outdoors, I'm sure your visitors were pleased to have a lovely blanket to wrap themselves in. We keep having little snow flurries, it was trying to snow again when we got up this morning.



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