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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Another addition

I am still finding stitching time, not as much as a few weeks ago, but this is growing. I have filled in a few spaces around the design, places where there was too much white showing. 
The boxes on the left side is done, but I'm not sure if I will add to the middle box, it does look a bit bare.
My 7th design is being added, Spanish sampler, I have not changed any colours here, I won't be using all the panels, so I am picking the ones I love, there will be 1 more panel along the top. I am working out the finish point in each section to ensure it is finished neatly. You can see a dirty spot, where I had to unpick, yes just 1 stitch out, but it showed as the design did not meet up. 
 I am working on 3 panels to ensure I get their placement correct, this is how my work often looks, here I have 3 different sheets clipped to the top and side of my frame. 
As well as sewing and my garden I enjoyed this book, it's from the selection our library picked for me, they are now open, so I will stop this system and pre-book books of my own choice and pop in to pick books. It's not a book I would have chosen, but it was a good story, book 17 this year. 

I have had my 2nd jab yesterday and I have a sore arm, same as last time, I did not sleep well, I kept waking up, I had the jab in my left arm. it's the arm I have huge issues with after an operation back in 2012, I sleep on my left side. I never have injections in my right arm, I had one once and found myself with both arms sore, so I feel it's better to have my left arm with issues, and my right arm OK. 

Not much planned today, hope I can add to my sampler above today, if not I will read, it's another sunny morning here. 

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  1. There isn't all that much space left in your sampler now, you've put such a lot into it already. You must be pleased you've had the second jab now, let's hope they do the trick.



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