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Monday, 5 April 2021

Easter weekend

I only have 4 books from the library this month, I left a couple behind as I knew I would not read them, I did not read any of last months, out of 6, 2 I had read before, 2 were authors I don't like and the other 2 I started and did not like. I hope these will be better for me. Its the first month I have had failed choices from them. 
This Orchid was purchase at the end of January, and it still looks great, I had a few daffodils being battered by the wind, so they are now adding inside colour, perfect for Easter weekend.
Sunday we had an egg hunt for Will, which he loved, just small hollow eggs an a small packet of white buttons for George, this book is a bit old for him, he is loving the stickers. 
We had a roast turkey dinner, followed by this wonderful desert, daughter got for us, perfect sugar rush for playing outside in the sunshine. 
 I made 2 quiche, one without cheese, hubby and I are eating soup less often, and these are healthy and uses loads of odd bits from the fridge. 

 Normally, (Oh how I have come to hate that word), my brother would be here for Easter, it's another family time he is missing, he does get to see our sister, so he is not totally alone, but we do miss him.
 Saturday was an early slow start day, we had George on a sleepover, he woke just after 7am and has a cold and has been waking in the night, he woke twice in the night, we were able to help out so mum and dad could get a good night's sleep. Later it was a quiet lazy afternoon and evening. 

It was fun to be together in our bubble on Sunday, we used the small turkey we purchased just before Christmas, plenty enough for a family meal, daughter provided the desert, made locally by our afternoon tea lady. Later a lovely lazy evening, it had been a beautiful warm sunny day, so much better having both boys outside playing. We had a glass of red wine, 1st in weeks, a nice treat, I won't moan on Tuesday when I haven't lost any weight. 

Today we have nothing planned, just the 2 of us if it's nice this afternoon we will go for a walk, if not more sewing time for me, at the moment it is cloudy, dull and windy, looks cold outside.


  1. Love love Laura Lippmann, especially her Tess Monaghan series

  2. I'm having a similar book experience. I'm trying to read one that had rave reviews. I'm just not getting into it.

    So back to the library it goes. Just glad that I never bought it.

  3. What a lovely day you had. It is strange to have another Easter like this but haven't we all adapted in a year!

  4. Quiet Easter here! It is so strange not to hear the band music that accompanies the various religious processions here in the city. As from Monday next the province opens up again and people will be able to travel further afield once more. Sounds like you had a really wonderful day! That dessert looks delicious. I am very partial to quiches too but Sr P not so much. I think though as my grand-daughter will be visiting tomorrow a quiche would go down very well as she likes them too. keep well Amanda x

  5. Glad that you did get to spend time with the family. It is too bad that your brother can't visit.

    I am thinking of this period of time as a storm. Something we need to get through, but once ended life will continue.

    God bless.

  6. What feasting! :)
    Hopefully one day in the not too distant future, you will all be able to safely meet up again. What a feast that will be! Mxx

  7. Your Easter dinner looks and sounds delicious :)

    All the best Jan



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