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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Different crafts.

The floor is the only place I can work, this project it bigger. I am cutting down a king-size quilt cover to make 2 cot covers for George. The cot covers were so expensive, the knig-size cover was just £5 more and I can make 2 cot covers. 
 I measured and cut from the bottom, so I could use the opening and buttons already on the cover. I cut the front the full size I needed, which was more than half the existing cover. 
 The back on each cot cover were not wide enough, so I had to insert a panel, I could only do this with the fabric a different way, hence this will be the back. 
 Once all stitched together, they look like normal covers, I am very pleased with the results, I did not use the pillow cases, and I have more fabric left over, as yet daughter does not want anything else for his room. She purchased a window blind in the same design, to tie it all together. 
 I also decided it was time to finish this bag, all I had to do was make the strap and join the innner and outer bags. I started putting this bag together back in September last year, post here. The decorative flap I stitched loads of french knots, post here, taking most of last year to make it. 
 Neat join for the strap to the bag, just a tiny bit of gathering. 
Front leather outer stitched to fabric front inner. 
Back decorative flap stitched to back inner, this is for strength. 
 I just need to attach the back half of the flap, this will not open and is just for decoration, most of the final stitching will be done by hand, I am toying with the idea of sticking the back flap on, but undecided. 
 Huge pocket on back section.
 Full sized zip pocket in middle, making 2 inside pockets. 
 Large deep inner's.
 In a small break from knitting my cardigan, I have done more to these socks for SIL, they will be a Christmas gift. 
 I have to pop to the post office, my fitbit is not fully working, it is recording, but it's display will only show the time. Not a problem to get a new one sent out, but I have to send the faulty one back. I would rather get to our local post office sooner rather than in a couple of weeks time. 
Being at home doing very little can be boring, I needed to do something different for a couple of days, it's been too cold to be outside in the garden, but I do pop to the greenhouse most days, just to check and water if needed. This afternoon, I plan to pick up a book to read, I have a few here.
Hubby has a few jobs to do, I have asked him to slow down, he has always been a get the job done man, but now he needs to take his time, make things last. He has gone back to his blog, he has the time to build and grow it now.
We still have our daily walk, now walking a bit further, it does fell good to be out, yesterday we saw young families in our park, lots of football and laughter, all staying within their family groups. Hampshire is the 3rd highest hot-spot in the UK, and I think we are all being extra careful, especially after the tragic death of the young boy aged 13. 


  1. It's a good time to get those long forgotten projects completed, I'd forgotten about the bag you were making, it's going to look lovely finished off. What a good idea using a king size quilt cover to make two smaller ones, a great way to save some money.

    1. It's having the time to work out how to solve the issues, not everything goes to plan.

  2. Good for you recycling/altering at its best.

    God bless.

  3. Love seeing the things you have been working on. I don't think I would have the patience for half of them! Well done :)

  4. Great projects - I'm finding old projects too...

    Julie xxxxx

  5. Wonderful work on that bag. Did you need to use a special needle in your sewing machine, to go through the leather, like a jeans needle? I'm always nervous sewing super fine or super thick material. But I know the needle can make all the difference.

    1. Normally yeas, a very sharp thin tipped neddle, but this leather is really thin, so I used a normal needle.

  6. I remember making cot quilt covers for my daughters first born 15 years ago!! I used cheap poly cotton sheets and made an envelope closure with a couple of buttons. Much cheaper as you say. Love the bag very useful.

  7. Well done making the quilt covers, a great money saver.
    I'd forgotten you had this bag in the making, it's great, you are to talented with your craft making.



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