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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Stash check-in

These are 2 shelves at the back of my wardrobe, I don't have so many clothes, so I have sorted space for my fabric stash, it's great because I can see what I have, top shelf is Christmas fabric, felt squares and tea towels,  plus a beautiful white baby blanket, knitted for me by an elderly neighbour, I cherish it as she passed away as few years ago, bottom shelf has loads of cotton fabrics and my finished Christmas socks.
 Bottom shelf has 2 baskets with bits in, plus 2 plastic baskets with material in, in these I have loads of fabric for recycling. My bag next to the baskets have a store of fine yarn for weaving, my loom is behind. 
 In the spare bedroom, I had these shoe storage boxes, it's a handy hideaway between the wardrobe and the window wall, the curtains fall here and hides everything. I have now turned this into a yarn store, Lots of different types of yarns all together. Here bottom section.
 Top section, my yarn stash is not as big as my fabric stash. 
 Inside wardrobe I have 3 hanging bags, 2 for sock projects, which are ongoing this year, and the 3rd is a jumper I knitted, I have unpicked the sleeves to re-knit, they were to baggy. Under neath is the poppy yarn and my camera bag. 
 Top shelf in wardrobe is my hexagons, all tidy in 3 boxes, the bottom 2 boxes are handmade hexagons, I have used fat quarters, you can get a good number of hexagons from each fat quarter. Top box is my working box with templates and uncut fabrics in. 
 In my office on top of my sewing work box, (a man's big plastic tool box) I keep my knitting bag, bottom right, the yellow and black bag has all my sign class paperwork. Back left with the bag covering all my cross stitch projects, I have a few here to finish. 
 Lots of squares for my knitted blanket,
stored perfectly in this old candle box. 
 Yarn ready to start my Tunisian crochet blanket, 
I hope to start this next week. 
My last space is by my chair, this lovely basket (charity shop find) holds all the projects I am working on, so at the moment there are socks and my cardigan 'in' there. The basket is far too small, but I love it so it stays. 
I do have 2 under the bed plastic storage boxes in the attic, these have some larger amounts of fabrics, I have fabrics for 2 big projects, which who knows one day might be made. I also have old pairs of jeans.
I think I have too much time on my hands, we have been taking stock of things in the house. My stash is now around the house, rather than stuffed in bed drawers, I can see most of what I have, and hopefully use some of it.
I have glass fusion and card making, but these are all in drawers in our office space, we have a tall file storage unit, which we have had for years, the deep drawers are perfect for card craft.
I do love crafting, and it's good to have so much choice, but  I do need to use more of my stash.
Dare to show your stash.....


  1. Oh no, mine's nowhere near as organised and tidy as yours! And I have reduced my yarn stash (by giving some away, but clearly not enough!), in order to have a bit more space for card craft stuff. I did sort through my card and paper stock the other day and organise it into sections, clearly labelled so I can find what I need easier.

  2. You have plenty of things to choose from. I remember when I used to buy the materials for one project and work on that until it was finished, gone are those days now. We extended the house when the kids were little and built a room on the side of the house where they kept their toys and it was a bit of a playroom. I've now turned that room into a craft room. It's not a large room but it's big enough for what I need and it means I can keep all my stash in one place and out of the way.

  3. My sewing room is a mess. I think I'm going to try to reorganise it whilst I'm on furlough. I'll make a post about it once it's done.

  4. I think you are OK for a week or two!!

  5. Lovely that you have lots of different crafting materials, Marlene. There's a lot of variety for you to choose from and to make things with. I have an old cupboard and three tubs where I keep my little stash of fabrics, yarns and threads. I really need to give the cupboard a clean and sort it out more. I have decided not to buy anything new materials during this time but to use what I already have on hand. I did download a free sewing pattern yesterday though but decided, as it was free, that it didn't count! Stay safe and well. MegXx

  6. Lots of lovely and different goodies to keep you busy. You are so organised. My yarn stash is nowhere near as big as it was, I've used a lot of it up.
    I've a small amount of fabric (really need to make friends with the sewing machine again). I do have a set of old drawers that hold my stitching stuff, plenty of different count fabrics, threads, buttons and other bits.

  7. I sorted my cardmaking stash last year and it’s still tidy! But I do need to look at my wool, although I am using quite a bit during lockdown.

  8. Nicely done. I enjoyed my tour of your stash.

    God bless.

  9. You have a bit there to keep you going for a while :-) Mine is in the smallest bedroom and a couple of plastic boxes under the bed. Happy crafting :-)



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