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Monday, 6 April 2020

Sunny garden weekend

Daughter brought us some shopping and an extra special viewing, after she dropped off our shopping and got back in the car, we were able to see Will and George, no car windows were opened, it made our day on Saturday. Poor George is still covered in spots, she had the shopping delivered to her house. 
Bringing the boys for a quick hello was perfect for me, I had been feeling sorry for myself, not a place I want to linger. I have been reading alot, finished a couple of books recomended by Jo, both had enjoyable plots. Hubby has downloaded a couple more of her books for me to read.
We have spent loads of time in the garden, I have sown all my flower seeds, my greenhouse is full, but I should have colour this summer. Just a small walking path in here, but in a few weeks I will put loads into the garden. I found a packet of cucumber seeds with 4 in, they were out of date in 2018, let's hope one grows.
 Shed needs a paint, but I have not enough left, hubby is going on line to get some, I need to keep this covered so it does not rot.
 I have put my 2 hosta's in pots out, this is a shady spot in front of my shed, they can't be seen from the garden, but hubby is not a fan of them, I still get to see them when up this end, I have copper rings on them to stop the slugs. 
 Hubby's 1st garden task finished, I am loving the new colour, he is now doing the children's bench, the metal bits are now the same colour as these. 
 1st time this year, I love sandals, and can never get them out soon enough.
The sunshine has really helped, we have been out for both days over the weekend, doing normal for us things, I do feel for anyone who does not have an outside space, the sunshine has lifted my spirts.
I managed to do some knitting, the socks just need the ends stitching in, I am now going to pick up the stitches on my button band on the cardigan, it's all knitted in one piece, so hundreds of stitches on my circular needles. 


  1. I agree, we're so lucky to have gardens, and especially so at the moment. I'm glad you're enjoying Dani Atkins. Fractured is the only one of hers I haven't yet read but it's on my Kindle so I'll be getting to it soon. Glad you got to see Will and George, that must have been a real pick-me-up for you. I feel sorry for those who are being kept away from little ones at the moment, they do change so quickly.

  2. I started reading "A million dreams" last night and it is really good - going to go on amazon and see what her other books are like. Luckily before lockdown Id been into both my local libraries and they had had lots of new books in so I have had lots of good reading. We have also like you spent lots of time in the garden and it has never looked so good - this lovely sunshine makes everything a bit easier i think. Emma

  3. I haven't read A Million Dreams, I like the title so will look it up.. no green house but my bay window in our lounge is full of seedlings.. lots of time but I 'm struggling to focus. Your shed looks good, we must do ours, we have the paint, bought it 3 years ago.

  4. I haven't read this author
    A wave through the window and a little sunshine does certainly boost the mood. We had a car window wave from my granddaughter too.
    Take care

  5. The books look very interesting. Might have to see if they come as ebooks (library being closed is driving me crazy).

    We are planning to start a few plants this week. Oh, so looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt once again.

    God bless.

  6. Glad you got a quick visit this weekend! I think missing our family is the hardest part of this. And thank goodness for warmer days too.

  7. Love the new colour of your garden furniture :)

  8. I am going to dust off my flip flops this week! Been still a bit chilly for my toes so far but I will admit to downgrading from walking boots to trainers for dog walking!

  9. Love the colour of your bistro set :-) We've been making the most of the lovely weather too, it make a very welcome change.
    It's hard not being able to give the little ones a bit hug and kiss isn't it :-( My middle daughter only lives round the corner and they walk past ours a couple time a week and we have a natter, them on the drive us standing in the hall. I visit the boys and do the same when i go shopping as it's on the way.



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