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Friday 27 September 2019

Making a bag

I have cut out most of the bits for my new bag, I put interfacing on my stitching, this now feels firm, I have also half sewn the black cotton backing on. 
The outer front, back and bottom I have made with black fake leather, with spotty material sides, I like the idea it can be waterproof. 
 Inside is lined with black cotton, but I have used spotty material for pockets. The back pocket is big enough for my mobile phone. 
 I have a full size pocket in the middle of the bag, it will be useful to keep things tidy, with a zip closure. 
 My stitched flap is placed on the leather before stitching up, it looks good. 
I had issues with how to attach the flap to the back of the bag, I did not want to see any stitching along the edge. Plus I needed to purchase a magnet closure for the flap and a buckle for the strap, I could not get either from our local shop.
The black fake leather, black cotton and the spotty material I had in my stash, so this is not costing much to make. I will pop to hobbycraft soon to purchase items to finish this bag.
I left my small craft table up, I am going to attach my loom and finish the scarf I started, my aim is to leave it out and do a bit each day until it's finished, plus knit the pair of socks I started last week.
I have read loads on glass fusion, and on Sunday I aim to have a go with my microwave kiln, I can only make small items, which is good, I have a few designs in my head.
With all the rain, I am reading some fantastic books, and catching up on recorded TV.


  1. Your bag is looking good - you are so creative, I should really get down to some sewing myself.

  2. I am very comfortable with sewing, my mum taught me from a young age, she was able to make anything without a pattern. I'm not that good, I can make simple things with straight lines without a pattern.

  3. Looking good. I am a bit leery about sewing bags, but plan on giving it a try this winter.

    God bless.



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