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Friday 29 April 2016

Friday bank holiday

These were a gift from a friend
beautiful colours, perfect for a cold and wet April day
 Postie has been, these will enhance my stash
I use loads of these three colours, 
each one equals 53 of the 8 meter skiens 
this is a cost effective way of buying them
storage is another matter
 The cats are not moving from their warm spots. 
 Free flowers
I have compost to re-pot all my orchids
 This plant has been in a spot far too cool for it
so it complained by loosing all it's leaves
but it's happy again, so it will be a lovely as ever. 
It's just so cold again today, we have had some rain, but not loads. I managed to get out and walk at lunch time, it's becoming a good routine, now I must start to walk in the evenings, I am averaging over 7,000 steps each day, yesterday I almost got to 10,000. We have lovely walks around our house, we are close to the waterfront.
I had a review in work today, all good, soon I will have been there 3 months, how quick time goes, everything is settling into routine, I now understand my role and have expanded it to help where needed.
My brother has not made it to our house, he has hurt his back, so we will visit him later in May. So just hubby and I for 3 days, it's farmers market tomorrow, so we will pop into town, nothing we need, but I do like the farmers stalls.
I purchased 12 fresh eggs yesterday, a lady in work has chickens, which is very pleasing to hear, I would always rather get eggs from her, she apologized because the shells was not clean, tomorrow morning we will have poached eggs on fresh made bread.


  1. Your poor Jade plant. Mine have been known to drop leaves just like your but, seldom, have mine ever come back. I have one now that is SCREAMING, along with a Christmas Cactus to go back outside. I had them out earlier in the month then the cold snap came and I knew they needed to come in.

    Enjoy your three day weekend AND your Farmer' Market visit.

    Those eggs sound so good. They are so much better when you get them directly from the hens.

  2. Your roses are beautiful. I think your puss cats have got the right idea finding a warm spot, it's been so cold these last few days, hard to believe it's May tomorrow.

  3. Your post has reminded me to rescue the plant I put on top of the china cabinet! I think I've almost killed it off! Fingers crossed its not gone too far! Enjoy your day out. I've surprised myself by doing over 10,000 steps every day this week! I really should go out for a stroll but I'm feeling very very lazy.

  4. Your roses are lovely and I never knew your could by embroidery cotton like that. I can see the benefit of it. Your poor plant, my mum has a couple still limiping along! I've tagged you for the Liebster award over on my blog xx



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