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Sunday 3 April 2016

Inside out

Farmers market was fun
my preferred market garden lady was there, 
so I got my second blueberry bush plus one sweet chilli, 
I have grown and swapped chilli plants this year
using  seeds I already had, so a nice saving.
 Last year I planted loads of bulbs around the plot
these Snakes Head Fritillaria are beautiful
as woodland plants perfect under my little Christmas tree
I can't wait to see what else is coming up
 I have changed my box back to how it looked when I first purchased it
no completed hexagons it's back to being a work box
it was getting too full
 I popped to Wilkinson's this morning
this box drawer is not what I was looking for but at £5.00
much cheaper than the boxes from Hobbycraft
and my hexagons fit into it nicely, 
I will make some card inserts to keep everything tidy. 
We spent a couple of hours outside on Saturday afternoon, I planted both gooseberry bushes into a huge pot, I then had space to plant a couple more strawberries, behind there are loads of new raspberry shoots, every year our small fruit bed does well. The blackcurrant bush has lovely green shoots, it's a small bush, but that's OK, only hubby eats them.
Hubby sorted the wooden garden furniture, ready for the warm evenings, every where is now tidy and ready for summer, I have also brought out some of our nice garden ornaments, I like to keep them in my shed through the winter months.
Win was back out in her green house, sorting bedding plant seedlings, it's nice to see her about again, at 101  years old, she is an inspiration to us all. Mad cat woman was out in her garden, I could hear her singing, but a six foot fence means I can't see her.
 My greenhouse's are not doing so good, they have moved slightly and are twisted, they are OK for this summer, but I will start looking for replacements, I would like wood frames and glass, much more expensive, but they would last much longer.
I have done some more to Sheffield, but it's just stripes, boring but necessary, I hope the person I'm making it for will understand the work going into it. I am itching to start other things, but I will finish this first, no photo, stitching whites does not make it change much from last time you saw it.
This morning I will spend 1 hour in the garden, couple of big pots to sort, dig out old compost and add new for this years growth.
After Sunday lunch we are out for a drive with our camera's. enjoy your day.


  1. Love your hexagon storage. I enjoy blackcurrants and miss not have our own bush - sadly it didn't survive moving a couple of years ago. Enjoy your gardening time.

  2. I saw a lovely wooden tea box for sale in Lidl today. It was £6.99 and they had it in either white or wood finish. I thought it would make great storage for patchwork pieces and was quite tempted to buy one, but I didn't indulge in the end. Your box looks perfect.

  3. M looking forward to next two weeks off to tidy my garden. It's a tip

  4. I love Farmer's Markets ... well I like all markets!

    All the best Jan

  5. Glad to hear that Win is much better again, she sounds marvellous for 101. I have three blueberry bushes and they produce a decent amount of fruit but they're the only soft fruit I have now that I no longer have the allotment.

  6. Plants are looking scrumptious. The only things we have showing their little heads are our bulbs. Perhaps in a couple of weeks we will see more.

  7. Thank you for your kind thoughts and message on my blog. Love that storage box, when I feel well enough I shall be looking out for them

  8. Your hexagons are so well organized. You are a bit ahead of us. The garden is shaping up but the deck and furniture are still waiting to be cleaned!

  9. Great news to read that Win is well again and able to enjoy her gardening. Farmers Markets are always a treat to look round and purchase something a little different.

  10. It's so lovely to get the garden ready at this time of year, isn't it? The spring and summer all still lie ahead of us. It sounds like you'll have lots of lovely berries this year. At 101 Win is a wonderful inspiration to all of us gardeners, and proves how good gardening is for us. Hope you can start your new sewing projects soon.
    Cathy x



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