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Sunday 17 April 2016

Cute with a finish

I could not resist showing this photo from last weekend
Sam and Logan spend the day together, 
both were good little boys, such a lovely photo
 Joyful world is complete for May
I have changed loads on here, I did not like the bird on the branch white, we have loads of blackbirds in the garden , so I stitched it black. The cats eyes were shown in black so I changed them to yellow and added a nose and whiskers.  Plus in May I felt the greenery should reflect the new growth, so I have used lighter greens. I have also not stitched some lighter flowers, I like the simpler look. 
 So far so good, I will stitch a couple more frames
ready for the contents when they are released.
 My third tub of tulips are still in tight bud
they should be a deep red. 
Saturday night 
I think the cat's missed me
I am back at my daughter's house, Minty is pleased I'm back, and sat on my lap.
It was great to be back at home for a couple of days, very relaxing, nothing to do, I was hoping I could work in our garden, but it was just too cold, and most of what I want to do is planting out.
Mad cat woman is at it again, but not towards us, she has parked her car in a disabled bay across the road from our house, the bay is for Lyn who can not walk far and is outside her house, Lyn had the council mark the bay for her vehicle. Saturday Lyn asked MCW politely to move her car, MCW refused. Police won't get involved, but made a note of the problem, Lyn will phone the council and ask them to add a sign to the spot, once that is done, only Lyn will be able to park in the spot and the police will have powers to make MCW move her car. I'm glad I am away this week.
I'm here until Friday, after work we will drive to airport to collect the travelers, I am hoping the time does not go too quick, I really want them to be having the best time ever.
Tomorrow at work I am expecting them to ask us to work late again, I will do 4 evenings, but leaving at 6.30 each day, I get home eat and it's almost bed time, last week I felt as if I spent the whole week in work. I won't do overtime after this coming week, if we are still behind it will be because of their failings and not our work ethics.


  1. Two lovely little boys.
    I see Jo from Through the Keyhole has been working on the same cross stitch.

  2. The boys have matching eyes. How wonderful for cousins to share a feature.

    I'll bet Grace and Purdy did miss you. I know mine miss me when I'm gone. ANd I'll bet Minty missed you when you were home.

    Oh the stories about Thailand you will hear. It is such a great country.

  3. The boys are way too cute!! That woman is really a pain. Too bad for all of the neighborhood! Have a good week.

  4. Gorgeous photo of the boys :o)
    I like your idea of changing the bird to black... and your other changes work well too. Think it looks really good (I will be changing the cat's colouring to suit my boys). I have just managed to start the Feb block... I am so far behind in this SAL! I love seeing everyone's pic on the FB group :o)
    Hugs xx

  5. I like that you change the stitching making it personal and unique to you :-)

  6. What a lovely photo. Your Joyful World is really lovely, it's nice to see how it will look when I eventually catch up.

  7. A pair of cuties. Love how well your Joyful world project is coming along. I've not touched mine apart from a corner. xx

  8. I was wondering about the birdie too, I like your darker version.
    Lovely pic of your boys



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