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Sunday 1 May 2016

Sunny Bank Holiday Sunday

It's list time again
I over spent in April by £13.77
But I'm still almost £300 pounds down on last year. 
Part of the reason I over spent was the purchase of DMC threads on cones, at £14.99 it represents a huge saving, I buy my threads on line for 55p each, at the local shops they are 90p each, the cone works out at 28p for the same 8 meter length.
I have not done anything new on my 52 things for 2016, my walking is an improvement in the past two weeks, but everything else is chugging along. I did not read a book this month, but I have read 6 so far this year, so I'm on target. The list is always in my mind, I'm pleased I am doing it this year.
Our spend list for April is done, we have spent as normal and recorded every thing. We won't do it again in May, I think we are both pleased to how we have changed our spending habits and waste less money.
Look at these,  we had poached egg on toast for breakfast yesterday, afterwards we popped to town for the Farmers market, it's on the 1st Saturday of each month, so you guessed as the last Saturday in April, there were no stalls. Oh well, we did get the new bedding for our spare room, just waiting for hubby to finish painting so I can redress it. We have not changed the wall colours, and it will look as it did before, just cleaner and brighter. 
I spent some time in the garden, just doing a couple of tasks, the mint is planted in my Butlers sink, and I planted the Thyme in the top of my chimney, I have tried to grow it in the ground but our clay heavy soil holds too much water for them to survive past the summer. 
 My dark tulips are blooming
Last night I started a new stitching project, I did not stitch for long, we had a glass of wine, I sat watching birds in our garden until the heavy rain drove them away.
Today I have to make a Spanish Omelette to take to our youngest daughter's BBQ, hubby has made a pumpkin seed loaf of bread. We have not decided if we will go early and do a bit of work in their garden, with the bright sunshine outside, I can't see me staying inside to long.
We do need a trip to Ikea, the book shelf in the spare room needs replacing, we have seen a slimmer one in white, so we will pop there tomorrow. The old book case will go in our attic, it's always hand to have storage up there.
Jo from awholeplotoflove has awarded me the Liebster award, I will give my list in the next post.
Have fun what ever you are doing today


  1. I hope the weather holds for the BBQ - we have showers weather today.

  2. It's a drizzly Bank Holiday Sunday here. Those cones are a great saving, aren't they? The only problem is that you've got a lot of one colour, but no problem at all if you're a prolific cross stitcher, as you are. I had poached eggs on toast for breakfast yesterday too, and today. A shame the farmers market wasn't on, you'll have to go next week instead.

  3. Well done on the new spending habits. My reading targets have stalled; I wanted to read 4 classic authors but when I got to William Thackery I picked up Vanity Fair and just could not stomach the attitudes to race. Attitude to women and poverty/class were bad enough! Will have to find another classic!!

  4. What does your Butler's Sink look like? Have you posted it before and I have forgotten?

    Sound like you are finally able to relax since the wedding and honeymoon is over.

  5. Great savings on the thread there, I stocked up at the Quilt Festival and bought a roll of wadding at 50% the cost for each quilt. I keep looking around and thinking of decorating but I am spending so much time with Leo that it has been put on the back burner.

  6. A lovely post, I have been nominated too for the award so lovely to blog hop to share and see how everyone is taking part and just enjoying the event.xx and oh how to reply. To the questions just so nicexx

  7. You are doing very well with the list. We have a to do list and seeing things in print really helps to get things done. I love to cross things off. I hope your day and picnic turned out well.



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