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Friday 22 April 2016

Back home

And home
back from our daughters house, later tonight we are driving to the airport to collect them, the drive is 90 mins each way, I hope the flight is on time. 

Repeat of last time
 Tulips are looking good
I did think I would miss most of the blooms
but they waited until I came home
 The promise of colour
 Bluebells are clumping up nice, I purchased just a few English bulbs
Try not to look at the dustbin
but there is a beautiful Snakes Head Fritillaria hiding under a plant. 
 Looking the other way
I love this side garden
 My peonies are in bloom
this plant is over 50 years old from my mum's garden, I shared it with my sisters  when the house was sold, sorry if you already knew that. 
I am so proud to still have this plant
Plus white daises growing in the corner, which was the only flower my dad would grow, his domain was the veg garden. 
I had a great time at daughter and SIL's house, Minty their cat is lovely, I wanted it to be a restful time, but in truth I was tired most of the time, the amount of overtime done took it's toll. There is more overtime in the coming weeks, but I am going to limit how many days I do.
Our street has been fun, the neighbours are not happy, MCW has not moved her car since last Saturday, the police popped in to suggest it would be nice for her to move it now there were other spaces, but she refused. So hubby has watched everyone having a moan about her, he quiet wisely has kept out of it.
I only stitched a few hexagons in the past week, but I have been deciding what to stitch next, I think it's time for me to do the Christmas tree, it's fun and not too big, then I will do the cushion for hubby.


  1. Your tulips are so pretty. We have to go quite a bit to get to our airport too so I hope the plane is on time. I sure hope you have more time for you next week!

  2. Welcome back! MCW is a bloody nightmare! Can't wait to see your tree X

  3. How lovely that you still have a plant from your mothers garden. It must be happy where you planted it. Hope the MCW doesn't cause too much trouble for you this week. xx

  4. I think it's lovely that you still have your mum's peony, you'll have to give a piece of it to your daughters so that they have a bit of it too. Hope your daughter and son in law had a wonderful honeymoon and that the flight was on time.

  5. Hi Marlene, sorry I haven't visited your blog for awhile as I've missed out on a lot. So nice to hear you had a nice visit with your daughter. Your garden is looking so pretty in its spring colors. I'm trying to add flowers little by little to my small garden space. So far, it's coming along OK and my strawberries are bearing fruit, too. Have a great weekend and many thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. Hugs, Pat

  6. Glad the flowers waited for you to get home! Your peony is way ahead of ours, I look forward to seeing your blooms when they come! xx



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