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Tuesday 26 April 2016

A beautiful day for a walk

This and last week I have walked in my lunch break. 
Behind our office building, we have a small wooded area, which has a path running through leading to a small housing estate, which give a variety in the middle of the routes.
 Walking to the right a path runs along fields up to a pretty children's play area, where under fives laugh as they play, further on I hear children's laughter, it's lunch time at the primary school, and the children are having fun.
 On the left of the houses as I walk back to the woods is a stream, which leads to a pond behind a hotel, the water is muddy brown, which is a shame. But every where is quiet, peaceful.
Still loads of trees around.
 Over a small wooden bridge and I'm walking back through the woods.
 I can see loads of bluebells. Further through the trees I can see a row of beehives. The birds are singing, bees buzzing from Spring blossom.
Now back to the top, with the office building coming into view.
My walk can be from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, it's so nice to get out of the office and feel as if I am in the country side. Perfect spot for a lunch break. I don't walk alone, Mel and I chat as we walk, we pass the same people most days, not from our office, we nod as we pass each other, it's very pleasant. Today we also missed the hail storms, and stayed dry the whole way round.
I have not started my cross stitch, I'm tired, so I have cut more hexagons, my completed box is full, but I will make loads more, lots of different colours and patterns, I find sewing them to their templates very restful, just what you need after a busy day. I am terrible at sitting and doing nothing.
After work each evening I check my greenhouses, all the plants are growing and looking healthy, today was really cold more like February than end of April. I do wish the weather would warm up and our garden life start, I love to sit outside in the evenings when it is warm.


  1. I never seem to go for walks any more just to walk. Mine always seem to have to have a purpose - kind of takes the fun out of it now!

  2. You're lucky to have such a lovely place to walk in your lunch break, it will do you good getting out of the office for a while.

  3. What a great place for a walk! That's a wonderful way to spend some of your lunch time.

  4. Lovely to go along on your walk with you!

  5. I am like you, I can not sit and do nothing. My cousin doesn't understand. I tell her to be thankful, this is how she gets her Christmas present :)

  6. Shame you have to go back to work. I spend my lunch break catching up on blogs. My walking to relax is at weekends. During the week i have two 20 minute walks to the station and back.

  7. What a lovely way to spend your lunchtime enjoying nature and all it has to offer.



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