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Thursday 28 April 2016


Just a taste of the different colours and patterns
 My drawer is full
I'm going to get another box this weekend
 My work box is full
 Cuttings from one plant from last summer
Hubby's favorite plant will be everywhere in our garden this summer.
Our plants are doing well in the greenhouse, they have cloches on each one to protect them from the night time temperatures.
We popped to B&Q tonight and got a grow-bag and tray for two tomato plants, still too early to plant them, but every thing is ready. I wanted to get a couple of halo's for the tomato plants, just to them a bit more depth for their roots but they don't sell them, I might just cut the bottom off two pots. I did purchase a mint and a thyme plant. We also got two tins of paint, hubby is decorating our spare room, the paint was £16 each or two for £22, so we have chosen our sitting room colour, a nice pale green. Plus hubby has his over 65's Wednesday discount card, given another 10% off.
Still walking at lunch time, today we dodged the rain drops, but it feels good to be outside. The office whilst still busy is settling, we still have loads of catching up to do, but we are in control now.
Looking forward to a Bank holiday weekend, my brother Martin is staying with us, youngest daughter and her husband are having a BBQ on Sunday. So time to be in the garden and family time.


  1. You might have to wear your thermal knickers at the BBQ looking at the weather forecast!!! Your hexagons look sooooo neat !

  2. So exciting that you have so many hexies made! You have done so well with them!!

  3. It sounds like you are going to have a great week-end!

  4. Wow you have done a lovely lot of hexies, mine are on the back burner at the moment, I do like Coleus plants its good that you take cuttings and have lots of plants for free :-)

  5. Those Coleus look good.

    We saw some this past week . . makes me yearn for spring planting.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of hexagons, you're using lovely fabric. I use growbags cut in half and stood on their end for my tomatoes, they get a really good depth then and the plants have done so well since I started using them this way. You can see them here:- http://jo-thegoodlife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/little-miracles-do-happen.html



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