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Friday 15 April 2016

And repeat

One week on
they are starting to open
 this pot is further forward
I love the pale colours
I have one pot with dark reds
 but they are not opening yet
 Magnolia looking much better
Gooseberries and blueberries
 Bay tree loves being in the ground 
 I love English bluebells at this time of year
they are spreading around the back garden,
 Lastly my flowers still looking good
I have been staying at our youngest daughters house, she is on honeymoon, I'm home for two nights, I will pop back and feed Minty over the weekend. I will be back there all of next week, it's great for getting to work, her place is closer, so I don't have to leave so early.
Work is busy, I have worked late 3 evening this week and will probably do the same next week. we are on a huge catch up, there is just too much to do each day, but it should settle again soon.
I have stitched a few hexagons, but I have been coming home from work late, and Minty (the cat) has demanded my time, he is a lap cat, and slept on my bed most evenings.
Nothing planned this weekend, staying local, no shopping required, so if it's dry I want to get things done in my green house.


  1. I'll bet Minty is glad to have you there.

  2. It sounds like you have been very busy so a nice quiet week-end might be just right. Your flowers are looking beautiful!!

  3. You're a good mum, hope your weekend is a restful one xx

  4. How lovely that you are keeping Minty company. Your tulips are looking good - everything seems to be coming on very quickly in the garden now, isn't it? Such a lovely time of year. I hope you have a well-earned relaxing weekend.
    Cathy x

  5. The tulips are looking lovely. The ones I planted in containers in autumn are nowhere near ready to open yet but the ones in the ground are just starting to bloom.

  6. My tulips are just starting to open must take some photos of them, I think I went for cream and purple, I hope they have a fantastic honeymoon

  7. It's is all so lovely! I bet Minty is happy to have you there!



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