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Wednesday 6 April 2016

lovely April evening

Garden is looking good
Pots have been sorted and new compost added
Bay tree is planted
Raspberries and strawberries tidy
Taken this evening
can you see Grace sat in the herb garden
 A simple bunch of daffs
on the kitchen window sill
 All the white I planned to stitch is done
I will have more white to do
but the big blocks are done.
I fancy stitching the name next
I am really pleased I have done the big blocks of white, I still have the final red stripe to stitch, but stitching the red is much betters on my eyes. The middle section I will leave to last.
I have also done some more hexagons, I still have loads cut out.
BUT from tomorrow it's all about a wedding, a daughter with a new husband and fun times. I don't have to go back to work until Monday, so a couple of late mornings, no rushing about, I have loads to do with daughter, some fun, some organising the venue, but the next few days I am really looking forward too.
Work is good, our new system is growing on us, we are busy closing down the old system and ensuring every thing is dealt with.
One shadow a family member is at it again, sad really but she just can't help herself, much of her poison directed at me. But mad cat woman next door is quiet.


  1. I bet you're glad you've got all that white done. I quite like stitching blocks of colour but such a large block of white is another matter. Enjoy your time with your daughter, exciting times.

  2. Your garden is looking great. So does the stitching project. I have said this before, it reminds me of when I did the Ranger tab design for my son. Have a wonderful few days working on the wedding plans.

  3. Your gardens looking beautful.
    Have a wonderful time

  4. The garden is looking good and so is the stitching. Sorry about that troublesome family member.

  5. Glad t hear Mad Cat Lady s quiet.

    Enjoy the wedding. We expect to see pictures next week :)

  6. Sounds like you're about to have a fun busy weekend. Hope the wedding goes smoothly

  7. Your stitching is so intricate and small! Very beautifully done! Enjoy your weekend! xx

  8. Your garden is looking very good, ready for the summer, and I marvel at your patience with the cross-stitch. Hope the wedding preparations go well.
    Cathy x



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