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Monday 11 April 2016

So many flowers

Yea tulips
promise in a pot
 and just to prove to myself
another pot of tulips
it's obvious I can grow them in pots. 
 Beautiful flowers 
 The yellow is like sunshine
gift to both mums on Saturday
 I love flowers on the kitchen window sil
Just a couple more, all dressed up
 It's nice to have all the family together
plus our 4 grandsons
Later tonight we are popping to youngest daughter and her husbands house, tomorrow I move in for 10 days to cat sit, they are off to Thailand. I am planning a restful and me time.
I have not done any cross stitch, the next partof Joyful World is out, so I will do that next. I have also stitched some more hexagons, I will take both with me tomorrow and a good book, not that I have a book to hand, I might get one for my iPad.


  1. You looked fabulous at the wedding. Lovely pictures.

  2. Your tulips are ahead of mine, the ones in pots are nowhere near producing buds yet some of the ones in the ground are already flowering. Lovely photo of the whole family together. Enjoy your me time.

  3. Lovely flowers, lovely family x

  4. Lovely flowers and your tulips are lovely too. Love the photos and love your outfit Marlene. Beautiful wedding dress. The hotel/hall looks nice too.

  5. Your family picture is so good. You MUST frame it and hang it at home.

    Thailand . . I LOVED our trip there. Would like to go back some day. Enjoy your grand kittens.

  6. My tulips are just starting to flower in the garden, I might try them in pots next year. Lovely wedding pictures xx

  7. The bride looks stunning. You look radiantly splendid in your outfit. X congratulations x

  8. Great family pictures!!! I love seeing the pretty tulips. Have a nice restful time.

  9. Lovely flowers.
    Great to have family photo's ...

    All the best Jan



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