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Wednesday 21 February 2024


 This lovely unit has sat next to my chair for almost 20 years, it's cherished, and used most days, with 4 shallow and 1 deep drawers. It's a perfect height for my coffee cup, I do keep a basket next to this unit with my projects in, all very tidy.
The top 2 drawers have my DMC threads, each is wrapped around a small plastic card, they are stored in numerical order. I don't think I will purchase many more, with such a great selection I have almost every shade I might need. The first two sections on the left are whites, I use two different shades of white. 
I spent an afternoon sorting these cards, packing them into just the top two drawers. I have the main threads and two smaller part collections. This is years of investment, I rarely purchase kits, I get my designs, and then the fabric and threads, I always use much finer fabrics, which only needs 1 strand of thread. 
The third drawer has my tools I use in along with a few shinny threads, everything close at hand, with a place to keep my glasses, I can keep sharp scissors in here as both George and Molly know not to open my drawers. 

The 4th drawer has bits and bobs in, the last deep drawer has my needles and some cottons on a tray, with loads of aider and even-weave, all were gifts to me and a much bigger size than I use at the moment. Hubby got me this unit many years ago for a Mothering Sunday gift, it was expensive and a bit more than he would normally spend, it has earnt it's space in our home and my heart.

I keep more fabric and yarn in different spots around the house, as seen here, and as with my threads, I am now using what I have, so less stuff than shown in this post. I have also pulled out this black bag I made back in 2020, at the time I used a thin black leather for the front and back, but I've never really liked it, it always feels very flimsy, I have some black velvet upholstery fabric, so I will unpick the outer and remake and hopefully love the bag. 

I am beginning to notice things, so I must be feeling better, we walked to the library and I got 5 more books, I've done some housework, and even managed an hour outside on Monday, when it was dry. This morning again it's raining, we are on the edge of a yellow rain warning, meaning it's not so bad here, another stay inside day.


  1. It's all beautifully organised. My bits and pieces are all over the house as I'm not a dedicated crafter. I craft in fits and starts!

  2. Those drawers look perfect for your purposes. I'm not surprised you are very fond of them. They are very stylish too. Coincidentally, I spent yesterday afternoon sorting out my fabric drawers and refolding and colour blocking everything, so that it all fitted in neatly. It was a very satisfying task.

  3. How very organized you are! That is a lovely little chest of drawers, and so handy, close to your chair.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. You have sure had a long haul.

  4. You are so neat and well organised. I live in organised chaos.

  5. You've certainly organised your unit very well.
    Pleased to read that you are beginning to feel a little better.

    All the best Jan

  6. Very nicely organized and perfectly close to hand.

    God bless.

  7. Your beautifully tidy and organised drawers looks so good. The whole unit is perfect for keeping all your threads and fabrics in.



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