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Monday 26 February 2024


 I was not sure about this book, I had read most of the fast back section, so I took a chance, AI in the police force, not robocop, think computer and hologram, it was a good book, showing how people and their faults and hunches win over fact and data. I had guessed some of the plot half way through, which did not deter from a good read. A new author to me, she has a second book in the series, which I will also read. Book 16 read this year.

I have heard loads of good things about the serial of One Day on Netflix I thought I would like to watch it, I was sure I had read the book, I could even remember the title page, when checking it was not on my reading list. I popped to the village hub, where they sell second hand books for 50p each and got a copy. It is a wonderful roller coaster of two very different lives, all revolving around one day, the 15th July (my mum's birthday), with the saddest of endings. I can now watch the series, book 17 read this year.
I love the blooms on Amaryllis, they grow tall and huge, these will last for a while, against the green walls they look good. I will enjoy every moment they give me. The other bulbs are in the greenhouse, not doing much. I also have a few tet-2-tets, the wind had knocked down a few, so I cut them and are enjoying their bright colours. 

I have not done any of my cross stitch, and I have not started putting together my bag, both these projects need more concentration than I am able to give them at this point. Reading is my go to activity, I can lose myself in words for hours, which helps as my energy levels are still so low. The fore caste for the next 7 days is rain everyday, and it's colder, so I have plenty to do inside, just wish spring would come early this year, my seeds sit and wait for me to use them. I did manage to do a bit of housework, but it all needs a good clean, I don't think I've done one since late November.

We had Will and Molly for a couple of hours on Sunday, George had been invited to a birthday party, he does not get many invites, this one was from a child mummy did not know, and when she asked nursery, they said the whole group had not been invited, just some of the children the child knew. These simple acts of inclusion makes daughter so happy, having a child who is different, is hard, the children in George's nursery group are brilliant with him, to them he is George, who at times needs a bit of help.

Having a disabled child in the family, changes everything, daughter has become a strong defender of disabilities, she works to ensure George who has Downs Syndrome, has the best life. Through her local Portsmouth DS charity, she has had support from the day he was born, he now gets extra schooling to help towards his September start, daughter now supports new parents in our local area, ensuring there is a network for any parent to call on. The charity allows grandparents at their local do's as they recognise the support is needed to the whole family, Portsmouth is one of the strongest groups in UK. 

My mum was a very strong lady, looking after a huge family, ensuring everyone was happy, well fed and looked tidy, she never stopped, I class myself as a strong woman, my life's lows taught me many lessons, and now I see my strong daughter following in our footsteps, I am so proud of her.


  1. Where did my comment go? Just saying my amaryllis has 3 more blooms making 7 in all.. nothing to do with me, bought from Tesco so I've had my monies worth! Good on your daughter, hope her son had a great time at the party.

  2. It's good to hear that George is developing a social life. Little children don't see differences unless they're pointed out.

  3. Your Amaryllis blooms look lovely.

    I hope George has a wonderful time at the party.

    All the best Jan

  4. Jo Callaghan did a talk at our local library about her book, she is quite local to us. I enjoyed both her talk and her book, quite an interesting twist on solving crime.
    I read One Day years ago, we were talking about it at book club last week, someone mentioned there was something on Netflix but I haven't got round to watching it yet and its been years since i read the book, might have to re-read it again.

  5. I am so happy for George, getting birthday party invitations makes a child's day. So glad his class is one of inclusion.

    God bless.

  6. Those Amaryllis flowers are spectacular.

  7. So pleased to hear George is being included. I worry about my grandson (Master Freddie) who started school last September but is quite tiny compared with his peers and tends to play more with the girls in his class as they are much more inclusive than the boys who just want to 'bully' him or push him over.
    My work colleague had a twin daughter with Downs and she fought hard to get her into mainstream school. She became a good swimmer taking part in many disabled championships. It proved more difficult to find her employment after school finished but she now works in a MacDonalds for about 16 hours each week. Your daughter does right to campaign on behalf of these children they can be very talented and very overlooked as they get older - I wish her well.

  8. That’s a beautiful amaryllis, I do agree they give so much pleasure from the minute the new shoots appear till the flowers are finished. I just leave the bulbs in their pots in the utility room when we go away and start them up again late autumn. Such good value and sustainable too.

  9. It's the small acts of kindness that are treasured the most. I hope George enjoys the party.



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