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Wednesday 7 February 2024

New starts

I have made a great start to my new project, I am so happy to be stitching again, no problems with the small linen, the colours have all been picked from my stash, I will pop them in a bag and reuse them through this project. My last project was my final 28dpi, so this should be my final, final 28dpi, but I will keep the same title, and this is my final, unless, I purchase more even-weave.

Finally I have an Amaryllis bud, all of the 5 bulbs grown last year produced leaves but no buds, they are all in the greenhouse to see what happens next. This bulb was a cheap one from a supermarket, I think it's a white flower, but I'm not sure, I've thrown the box away. 

Seeds, I love them, but not quite ready for sowing yet, I will soon start 4 different tomatoes and  a cucumber, I aim to wait a few more weeks. I don't want leggy seedlings and I want to be able to have the ground warm enough to put them out. I am watching the long range fore caste in hope we don't have another cold spell coming.

Another great book, I do enjoy this author and Inspector Banks, I have read all the previous stories, this can be a stand alone plot, old bones have been found, who, how and why are being chased, following how they piece together the crime from very few clues.

I've not done much since I came home, I picked up bugs, whilst feeling a bit sniffy over the weekend, the bugs have now fully come out to give me as much discomfort as they can. I don't think the children gave it to me this time, I feel so yuck I have taken a Covid test, we know it's loose in our area, as numbers testing positive are rising here, mine was negative. 

We popped to town on Monday for our fruit and veg, sadly most of our favourite shops are gone from our high street, the shopping centre has loads of empty units, the local council has now purchased the shopping centre and say they have plans to bring it back to life, we have everything crossed they are successful. 

There have been a couple of accidents in the big road works, which shut down the main route, totally drivers fault, so they have changed the layout to ensure drivers behave, no one is happy, but it seams there is nothing anyone can do, our local councillors understand, but the decisions are made at county level.  

We have no plans for this week, it's very windy and threating rain, grey days, we have everything crossed the cold spell and snow stays north of us, we are quiet stocked up if the weather does do it's worse. 


  1. Lovely colours in your stitching. It's colder again here but we're not threatened with snow in the home counties.

  2. I had Robin's helping me in the veg plot this morning and noticed chives stalks peeping through the soil. It feels like Spring is just around the corner.

  3. I'm always amazed at how perfect your stitching is, especially with such tiny stitches. It's beautiful Marlene.

  4. Fellow sufferer of bugs here...altogether feeling a bit yuck. Lovely stitch work.

  5. There does seem to be a lot of bugs and nasty virus's going around at the moment, feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  6. Your stitching and the colours you have chosen look lovely. Covid is making another come back here as well. Our big nursing home is under lockdown because of an outbreak.

    God bless.

  7. You've made a really good start on the heart project. It's looking so good.

  8. My amaryllis finished a while ago, I was quite disappointed with it if I'm honest, not sure I will buy one again. Your stitching looks tiny, do you stitch over one on 28 count? and it looks like you use two threads? Just wondering if you find it hard going.
    There are a lot of bugs doing the rounds, hope you feel better soon, this damp weather doesn't help.



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