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Thursday 29 February 2024

February round up

 Almost nothing spent on crafts, I am busy, but I am using what I already have, I just purchased a shaped cutter for use in needle felting. I got loads of plastic wrapped metal post and a net for use in the veg beds, and seeds, again I've just over spent, I have most everything I need now, that won't stop me spending in the garden.

Again no food waste, purchasing our fruit and veg without packaging is brilliant, we get just the amount we require, we go to our local Monday market, there are a few veg stalls, the one we use has top quality, and the produce last the whole week, which stops us walking to local shops for bits. 

Nothing big in the house it was the month for car, tax, insurance and MOT, which was in our budget, no issues with the car, phew, we did think new tyres were required, but ours will last anther six months.

I have put 4 pounds on this month, my steps have dropped, I lost 2 days when my fitbit stopped recording, and also weeks of feeling unwell, kept me inside, I'm not going to worry about such things, I can get back on track in March. I still have this hacking cough, as does hubby, both our energy levels are very low, it's a chore to do anything, February this year has been a lost month in our home, on the bright side, we spent very little this month. 


  1. February has been unending this year. Maybe March will be brighter - and probably windier! It's raining steadily again . . .

  2. Cars can be a big expense. We're lucky, Mick has a company car so no MOT, tax or repairs to worry about. I got rid of my car a few years ago, it was a luxury which I didn't need now that the kids have left the nest, it was handy for running them around though when they were here there and everywhere. Sorry to hear that you're still suffering with the cough. Mine went and then it's started back up again, nowhere near as bad though, thank goodness.

  3. We both had company cars for years, ours was mine, I got it from new and won't replace it as it's a great car.

  4. I often wonder how much we pay for food and drink packaging and bottles and cans.

  5. We are supposed to be getting snow once again. The weather people were wrong the last time and I am hoping they are wrong once again.

    God bless.

  6. Well done on having a low spend month. Spending on things for the garden is very easy. I could spend hundreds. I'd love some new mature plants once we get the bones of our garden renovated. They won't be cheap.



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